Does TC care about GoW4 at all?

Feels unlikely but I just assumed they might since the servers are still up…I ask because I’ve run into a few hackers which I can definitely record and send to TC but I also don’t wanna waste my time. If TC isn’t handling it that’s fine I guess but it would be nice to get these hackers out of the few people who still play this game.

I mean, what answer do you expect? Record them and create a ticket with the clip attached. The rest is up to TC.

I simply want to make sure I’m not wasting any efforts doing so. If TC staff doesn’t deal with reports on their previous titles I get it, but hearing some confirmation first would be nice because I’ve run into a few while playing.

Tag Sera or Kilo then.

Short and sweet answer



If they actually released the last update which was supposed to drop Jan 2020 , the aimbot hacks will not work or shouldn’t and hopefully a very small number of hacker will prompt the hack creator to not even bother to renew it, there is a thread on going about the update and what to expect with tags for TC sera and kilo but nothing back yet, but you really should not have to prove anything with a AAA.

Does TC care about G5 at all?

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Contact Support, and please check Guidelines about posting constructive topics that add to conversations, thank you!

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