Does speed equal skill?

Yesterday I went up against a very easy team. They moved quite slowly, almost like how bots move on Casual. This got me to thinking. Sometimes I go up against very skillful teams who seem like they running around the map like Sonic the Hedgehog. Do I look like I’m moving in slow motion to them? Does speed equal skill?



Some of the best players are patient af and that’s such a weakness for ADHD players
I know this from experience!

Not to disregard fast paced players, I just don’t think it’s always the best option.

Speed doesn’t equal skill

Mastering the speed and using it to your advantage is skill

It’s slow, it’s just obscenely boring now


No lol

Yes and no

No in the aspect that it doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to move fast. Now it does take skill to use that speed. A lot of good players use their speed as a weapon. They can move with a purpose. The games speed used to be a skill gap and quite BIG one at that. But they slowed the game down by quite bit. therefore speed has much less of an impact now.

Edit: Because they slowed the games speed down so much i left versus behind its too boring. I play horde and escape now.

Speed is bad for you. Don’t do drugs people.


No but if u can move u can dodge shots. I love wallbouncing it’s like my bread and butter. I do it non stop even when there’s no enemies or any threat. Doesn’t mean I hit all my shots. Dodging shots creates opportunities but if u have no aim, it really doesn’t help.


Like the experience of losing to a superior player in Gears 4 private matches?

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Speed pretty much equals skill in this game. There’s not really many skills you actually need to be a decent player — if you have a good feel for the chunk range, how to line up shots correctly where you don’t have to move your right stick, have the animation shots down and can bounce/move — that’s basically all you need.

I went back to play Gears of War 4 for PvP.
But Horde is better in Gears 5 for me.

Just make sure you stay above 50…

Or the bus will EXPLODE!

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I’m right there with you man. I play pvp on Gears 4 but due to me being overseas a lot I can only find games when my friends are on later at night and its fairly early for me. The movement speed and weapon strength is pretty well balanced in my opinion. And that is despite the high pings in those lobbies where you are playing people from across the globe.

I mainly stick to Horde and escape when playing 5. I may go to versus when or if they ever get the tuning something close to Gears 4 tuning.

I live in Central Europe so I can only play in the morning or in the evening with Gears of War 4.

Still don’t know what game I should play in the rest of the day.

I have no problem getting accurate shots. They just don’t do any damage. I was once in a shotgun duel (is that term outdated?) and did 14% damage in 3 hits.

Yeah this is the only shooter than punishes you for shooting.

Yes it is skill , thinking ahead of your opponent with fast intuition and responsive of control input to accommodate that .

Now it’s a boring unresponsive turd of a game

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Oh yeah dude very unresponsive

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Is that possible on default ? I know everyone just uses defaulternate cause it makes this easier

Yeah it’s possible on default, I think you’d be a bit slower though — there’s really no reason to not play defaulternate tbh. I play on actual alternate though, I don’t like default/defaulternate.

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