Does Snakeywakey389 need a nerf?

Those of us who have played with Snakey know that he is a great player, but it seems that recently he has received a few very much undeeded buffs.

He already have great situational awareness, damage mitigation and understanding of the hive layouts.

Now he has been given a buff beyond an aimbotters wildest dream!

I thought the following picture demonstrated how ridiculous he has become, but this wasn’t even the end of it!

He followed up with this mindboggling result…

,…which is still nowhere near his PB of over 80,000%

Please TC, give this man a nerf so the rest of us can have a real chance


Disagree. If anything, it needs a buff.


Footage of Snakeywakey with any precision weapon


To follow up you have 297 Unique cards* levelled up 39 times each at at value/cost of 8,904,480 coins for all 11,583 total cards.

*Some cards are the same for different classes but must be levelled up seperately, eg “regenerative field” for both Protector and Architect.

(I am only 39.8% of the way coinwise for reference)

Sadly this isn’t a weapon bug it’s mainly a bug for the brawler because it counts each of his melee attacks as a headshot for some reason.

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He’s a witch!

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@SNAKEYWAKEY389 was a pro MLG player.

Be grateful he stepped down from the big leagues to carry mortals like us.

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I am glad he took time out from DBZA to help us !

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He’s involved as a voice actor in DBZA?

He sounds like Oolong.

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He just has a better gaming chair than us. Thats the only reason.

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Thats funny, Snake tends to struggle when we pair up with a mutual pal of ours. Totally not his fault of course, but him needing a nerf? Nah, if anything our mutual pal and every other random who still play this game needs a major buff, like totally.

A total increase of playability from others would be nice a buff to see instead.


His Jack wasn’t powerful enough in Horde so he needs perma cloak that does not cancel out even when heal beaming, zapping or too close to an enemy. Of course, it will only be for him and nobody else’s Jack.

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Lol way to go @SNAKEYWAKEY389!!!

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to answer the question @SNAKEYWAKEY389 does need a nerf, he’s wayyy too OP.

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Probs on a series X using m&kb.

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Hey what happened to no call out threads, mate? Wow. Abuse of power. :thinking:

Disclaimer: I’m joking, obviously.


I anxiously await the upcoming “TC Clown Needs a Nerf” thread.

TC Clown needs a reality check.


Reported for calling out a user in a headline. Lol