Does paduk do bleed barriers?

Does Paduk do bleed barrriers ? Just browsing to find a game and sumone wrote it, is it true or not as I know Baird use to do it and liz still have her ice

Try it. That’s all I can say because I don’t actually know.

Apparently, he does. I’ve yet to try it.


I was wondering why I was seeing so many Graces lately in my matches. She has bleeding barriers when holding the breaker mace.


How high does her bleed card go? I know Paduk’s goes up to 60 percent.

50% afaik.

No idea, I don’t own the character.

@SNAKEYWAKEY389 @AmicableWall421

Level 6 goes up to “55% damage over 5 seconds”.


On master 2x lvl 2 barriers are enough to down elites on barriers. It’s like Baird’s glitch barriers the only difference is that you have to repair them.

@TC_Sera fix this asap please.

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And the bleed is a lot stronger.

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Sounds like you’ve played with it, then called for a fix.

Why do people do that?


You need to have his stim activated for it to work. Thats why it`s good to have Marcus with band of brothers equipped.

I heard about it and tested it with a friend. Just started a horde master match on wave 27 to test it on forge. We dont need no bleeding barriers.

When did you test it?

Great idea to announce that on the forums!!!

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Interesting about Grace, does she have to hold the mace the whole time or just when buying/placing the barriers?

She has to build her own barriers and hold the mace at all times for bleed to work. Interestingly enough, bleed that comes from barrier damage uses the Mace’s damage for bleed calculations, so it’s pretty overpowered.
On the other hand, Grace brings practically nothing to the average Horde match, so maybe that evens it out?


Nice, thanks :slight_smile:
Gonna try it out!

Been playing with her lately and yeah, she’s pretty weak most of the time. Even more so considering she’s a tank that can barely take any hits…
But her stunlock is awesome against matriarchs n wardens. Managed to save the base a few times by stopping the matriarch before even entering.

Oh god. Its bleeding fences every where all over again.

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