Does old town map still exist

I bought old town over a month ago and I have yet to see it on horde or versus what’s the deal? If it will not show up how do I get my money back? Also only about 6 maps seem to be in rotation for horde come on really and they wonder why people back out.


I got it a couple of days ago in a Guardian match. It was the first and only time I’ve ever played it. I wish we had a little more say on the maps we played… Like, maybe an option to choose mode and map and then enter a lobby.

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I just played it last night on ranked TDM. I’ve also never seen it on horde mode before

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You don’t need to buy a map to play it in public modes, every map is available to everyone regardless of purchase.

When you buy maps, all that means is that you can play private matches on them.


No they are not . Please provide where it says all 24 maps are in rotation. Unless you bought the season pass or each map individually they do not come up in rotation.

The private access in mentioned in the purchase description of the season pass.

Theoretically, anyone can play on any map-mode combination without buying anything - whether you’ll actually see it, of course, is based on if its in the current rotation.

EDIT: @diablo_vs24 explanation of how the map rotation works is more accurate.

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Part of the reason people were upset with the season pass was that anyone could play on any map in public without having purchased it. Originally there would be 10 maps (that varied by game type) available, with the rotation changing each month. But sometime last year (or early this year) they put all maps in rotation.

If I remember correctly they have a weighted rotation, meaning each month the maps most likely to come up changes, but it is still possible for any of the 34 to come up.

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Did they add 10 maps and I missed it? 24 should be the count.

34 includes the 10 maps that came with the base game.

  1. Old town
  2. Harbor haze
  3. Mercy
  4. Lift apex
  5. Fuel depot
  6. Forge blitz
  7. Raven down
  8. War machine
  9. The slab
  10. Security
  11. Avalanche
  12. Reclaimed windflare
  13. Canals
  14. Impact dark
  15. Hotel
  16. Drydock
  17. Diner
  18. Dawn
  19. Clocktower
  20. Checkout
  21. Blood drive
  22. Glory
  23. Rustling

So i played it in comp warmup a month ago or so. They take maps out of rotation monthly i thought

As Stoic mentioned I was including the 10 base game maps. I’m fairly certain those were moved in and out of rotation along with the 24 post launch maps.

I’ve seen Old Town on Ranked TDM recently.
But not Ranked KOTH or Public Horde.

I see Old Town appear in KOTH lobbies on a regular basis (I Know because I hate that map, haha, so I always try to get something else selected :smile: )

Played on Old Town for Blitz earlier.

Old Town shows up fairly often in Execution

I get Old Town all the time in KOTH, TDM, and Guardian.
I haven’t played public Horde much lately but it rarely ever comes up in Horde. We’d have to do private Horde to get it, other than Jingle Juvies.

  • Buying individual maps or the season pass ONLY allows you to play them in private, that’s it.
  • I get my fair share of rotation in versus but Horde is a joke, same 4-5 maps that rotate every 3 weeks (we have 34 maps, why not give them all equal chance of showing up is beyond me).

Full Map List:

Launch: 1. Dam / 2. Fallout / 3. Forge / 4. Foundation / 5. Gridlock / 6. Harbor / 7. Impact / 8. Lift / 9. Reclaimed / 10. Relic.

DLC / Season Pass: 11. Avalanche / 12. Blood Drive / 13. Canals / 14. Checkout / 15. Clock Tower / 16. Dawn / 17. Diner / 18. Dry Dock / 19. Forge Blitz / 20. Fuel Depot / 21. Glory / 22. Harbor Haze / 23. Hotel / 24. Impact Dark / 25. Lift Apex / 26. Mercy / 27. Old Town / 28. Raven Down / 29. Reclaimed Windflare / 30. Rustlung / 31. Security / 32. Speyer / 33. The Slab / 34. War Machine.

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I too see old town all the time. It’s one of the most common maps for me in TDM and KOTH.

As others have said, anyone can play any map in public regardless of whether or not they purchased it. Purchasing a map ONLY gives you the option to play it in a private match that you host. Playing private matches that others host still grants you the ability to play any map regardless of whether you purchased it.

Some of the more uncommon maps for me include forge/forge blitz, impact/impact dark, and reclaimed windflare

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I can get it just fine I rank or social I haven’t t try to find it in horde yet.