Does noone play on the west US server?

I am from the pacific northwest and I get a 40 to 50 ms ping to the west us server and a 80 to 90 ms ping to both central servers.

I recently switched internet companys because my previous provider overloaded the network causing lag problems. My new provider is much more stable and I get more download and upload speed than before.

Scince switching I have been consistantly placed on a central server over my west coast server. No matter what time of the day I play.

Can anyone explain to me why I am constantly placesd in matches on a server that I am pinging slower to?

Is the player population really this low that we all have to be on the same servers all the time?


I’m assuming the Central server is the most populated which would explain why you’re constantly being placed in matches on that server

As for player population I’d imagine it is fluctuating with Gears 5 on the horizon many players are exploring other games or returning to Gears

Your in-game ping will always be worse than what it shows in the menus, because the ping test to all the other servers aren’t processed like normal gameplay data so the value will always be lower than what you see in-game.

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When i do get on the west coast sever 1 games out of 20 my ping stays at 50ms or below for the entire match. The same as the menu was before the match starts.

When i finally find other players with a headset on and am get pings in the 80s I ask them where they are. They always tell me that they are on the east coast or somewhere close to the central servers.

This shows that the menu ping test is accurate to within 10 ms.

Before i switched providers at peak times I would get 100ms+ and 50ms, when people on my network where not clogging up traffic, to the west coast and it would put me there on a more consistant basis.

Now with a stable connection I am almost always placed on one of central or the east servers.

I have been monitering my ping closely because I live in a rural area with limited internet access and my previous provider kept trying to blame my hardware for the problem. After replacing everything from my end to their access point in my house I still had the same fluctuating ping problem.

They would not even attempt to look at the issue and blamed it on the fact that it was a wireless radio network and thats what you get. I am with a different wireless company now and my ping never fluctuates during the match.

So I know the west us server is active the title is a retorical question. I just want to know why after i finally get my fluctuating ping problem fixed i get shafted with a high ping to a lobby that is outside of my home region?

Not always true. It would tell me 33ms to west coast servers but in-game I’d be sitting around 27ms on average.

The game is pretty dead at this point so getting put on central servers is not surprising. Even when I last played in Feb I was getting moved over to Central servers in about 1/3 of my matches.

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May explain why I’ve seen many matches lately where I ping 50+ms. US East is usually around 30ms in-game for me.

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I guess I should’ve just said ‘different’ and not ‘worse’. The servers you are pinging for the ping test are different than the game servers, so of course there’s going to be a difference between game servers and ping test servers.

Thats the thing though. What were trying to say was that my 50ms ping was being uped by 40ms to my home server. This is not what happens. The ping test in the menu is accurate.

If you are pinging higher in game than the menu says to your local server you either got put off of your local server or your connection is being slowed down by some other proccess. Most likely the fact that people share their internet network with everyone else that uses the service. Thats what was happening to me before I switched companys.

I play in the west and I’m getting 23 ms on west coast server. I see 23 ms on the actual game maybe once or twice a week.

What is your connection to your next closest server? Is that the speed you usually see in game? If that is the speed you are seeing then they are doing it to all east and west coast players and putting us on the central servers most of the time.

This should not be happening. According to the quality of service update the game is supposed to find players in your region first. So if the game finds a match in 20 seconds I should be playing on my west coast server.

But that is rarely the case because ping is double what it should be and I find it very hard to believe that in game processes can cause 40ms of lag. Especially when sometimes it is where the menu says it should be when connected to my local server. My connection did not just get magically faster somehow, latency just does’nt work that way.

Before season 2 I always set the west coast as my default server and every game I had pretty much what the menu told me when I was connected in game.

My connection to the next closest server is 46 MS on the south central servers. And yeah, thats the ping i get in most of my matches.