Does No One Use Mics Anymore?

So, I’ve noticed that no one talks during MP. I rarely have heard it since release. Is there no in-game voice chat now? Are parties the only way to talk other than the text box?


People talk all the time in PVE. PVP is just a terrible mode and everyone is angry so they probably keep to themselves.


I miss the old days when people would talk more. No one communicates. Can’t even find teammates to play with anymore :confused:

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I’ve heard one child use their mic in Gears 4 like two years ago so idk what to tell you. Party chat basically killed game chat a long time ago.


Yeah. I only have ever heard it in PVE I guess.

But none of my friends play so I rarely get into party chats anymore

TBH this has been a thing in gaming that slowly died over the years,

General chats in games, parties and groupchats just proved to be better. Last gen I needed a mic compatible with my controller to talk with my friends, now i can do it with the xbox app on my phone, or just plug in a keyboard and communicate through text chat.


If I hear someone using a mic in a random lobby I’ll plug mine in. That’s how I’ve met a good few of the people I play with from time to time now. Typically the players using mics are a lot more skilled than those who aren’t using them in my experience. Just my thoughts.


Rarely, most people are in parties now.

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Used to sadly,but when I politely asked if anyone has a mic,no one answers so this is why I don’t use it.:cry:

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And theres also the chance for ppl to start being toxic towards u if u use a mic.

I rarely play pvp solo.


text chat reduces the need for in game chat

I basically don’t use a mic, unless I am invited to a party and even then in 99% of cases if it’s randoms I might not use it.

If it’s someone I’ve been playing with more, I may use a mic if they do. Otherwise, text chat.

And some people’s mics, especially those using it openly in-match, just have terrible sound quality or you can barely hear what’s being said because of extremely low volume.

Also difficult to communicate over mic with deaf people, should you be playing with one.

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Pretty sure the only people who still talk in game chat are those with crying babies half a foot away from their mic.


Or people whose smoke detector batteries need changing


I’m too toxic to use the mic anymore, been reported too many times so I don’t use it. I yell at the screen hoping my mates hear me.

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I use my mic all the time. And make call outs. Usually you can people are listening because they react after the call out. They just dont talk.

So just speak as if someonenis listening. Because more often than not they are. Especially in TDM


I find this to be true.

Most gamers are sitting there with the mic muted.

I like when people do call outs. Just don’t have music playing in the background for heaven’s sake.

Instant mute for anyone with static or noise in the background.


Really? Back in the day when I played some public lobby matches in Horde and Escape, I hardly ever heard anyone talk using mics.

Well lately I’ve been playing on PC so I guess it’s just more public there but I’ve been hearing tons of people lately

I would love to play a game of frenzy or horde were people used MICs. Especially frenzy where you need to get set up fast. I’m sick of people slashing or complaining after the event that something was or wasn’t done when they offer zero comms.

Most of all I hate these cowards who type abuse but dare not voice it. I used to love ripping apart those slow witted **** tards on COD or early gears. Big and brave on the keyboard but a quiet little mouse when I use the mic.

On versus too this must be amazingly easy to tear games up with 3 or 4 people on comms.