Does Keegan have a bounce advantage?

I was practicing in a custom Kill or Chill match the other day and one of the guys was saying that he liked to play with Keegan because he said that Keegan was the best to bounce with. Really? Is that a legit thing? Personally I’ve never heard that before so I wanted to ask the community if anyone was aware of this possibility and if it was true. Does Keegan, or any other character have any advantage when it comes to bouncing or movement? Typically I play with Collectors Onyx Guard Vermelo and Theron Elite. In the past I’ve played with Mac and the Imago also but I can’t recall any advantage in bouncing. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers.

As a fellow baldy i can say we have less resistance while moving and thats why we are better at quick turns, TC went all out on trying to bring that realism to gears 5, i would put money on baird and keegan being better swimmer’s as well.

Our achillies heel is cold weather but thankfully icebound is the only winter map and no one votes for it.

To answer the question truthfully, no there is no advantage.


So it’s true what they say: Fortune favours the bald.

Anyway, you win PotY. (Post of the Day).



hahaha. You know , it would be pretty funny if TC snuck in a little secret advantage like this. Or even perhaps if there was some unintentional coding issue that favored the follicular challenged. Less wind resistance on the head. :rofl:

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His Quartermaster skin variant has much more hair though. :frowning:

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bounce advantage disappears on that skin I hear. :laughing:

Well that’s annoying. I’d have thought that Quartermaster Keegan at least matches the default Keegan purely from an age-diifference perspective which compensates for the hair/wind resistance factor. Quartermaster is a younger man!


Im going to print out a screenshot of that trophy and put in on the shelf with my participation medals from schools


I tested it and quarter master skin loses 14% bounce speed.

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Oh I know, you don’t need to tell me. I know it’ll be right at the very front.

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I played with every character in versus & no advantage.

People swear women characters are harder to hit & male characters eat because they tank.

I’d say no advantages other than whoever has the best ping relative to the server.

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On that topic,I wonder if size of the character makes any difference relative to getting shot? For instance , Mac is of a smaller overall frame than say, a Theron elite or Place Guard. So less target to shoot?

The hitboxes are allegedly the same for big bodies and small ones. I do think small bodies like Myrrah, Karn, and most female cogs have a psychological effect and are more difficult to track. I personally dont feel good wallbouncing unless im using a male small body for cog like baird or Kim but im used to using grenadier for locust. I wish he was a little thinner like in the originals though

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“Kill and Chill” lobby rofl its just a custom lol people will know what you mean

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