Does GEARS need it's own HALO forge world?

In halo reach there was one of the largest multiplayer maps ever released for the halo series,forge world,while the forge part not what i’m really referring to,i’m wondering if a really large map with this kind of grand scale and scope would even be possible or work for a gears game.,imagine the possibilities for large scale battles,which the current 5 vs 5 doesn’t really fit,BUT think of the mega scale horde mode it could support you and 4 other players not only battle the enemies but you can see all the waves that await there chance to move in to try and take you out.

After putting halo reach Spartans in gears 5 it makes one wonder what else is possible.

No it doesn’t, but it should allow more community creations to actually be featured. People make great things

Why not the battles in campain are big and epic you can’t have a very epic battle with just 5vs5.

Game can’t even handle 5v5 on regular sized maps. Whole game would crash if this happened. I would love some type of creator though. Loved making maps in halo 5

I completely support 10000 % your comment man .

I’d love a customized version of UnrealEd on PC though. Even though you can still do quite a bit, those tile editors limit creativity IMO. We saw that with Doom too, SnapMap just wasn’t good enough when everybody was used to Radiant and the more liberal modding approach.