Does gears 5 work anymore?

Are the servers down today? I’ve been trying to hop in a match all day and gears 5 has been very slow lately. Menu doesn’t load up quick and there’s been errors while trying to join anything:(

It was certainly ok a few hours ago (midnightish UK. The only issues I’m having is being put in matches with players on 200+ pings. It is very frustrating. It definitely makes the game laggy etc.

I have one clip where I throw a nade at a players feet and I mean right at his feet. Not only does he not flinch or take any damage he turns around and gibs me!

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I wish tc were able to fix these connection issues right at the moment. Game’s been out since 2019, and now we’re headed to 2022. I have less high hopes for this game day by day. The game is so broken that a glitch made the game put out operation 8 content back for a short period of time.

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I don’t disagree, but we are all Gearheads and would probably play My little Pony if it had a Brumak skin.:+1:

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Connection issues are going to get worse as the game ages. The game runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, and as the game gets older and stops drawing in revenue, server allocation goes down. Just look at Gears 4 today. It was never that bad during its main lifecycle.


Only have to make it work for the next 4 years.

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Something odd has been happening for the last few days. I have been starting matches in both Horde and Escape and the first try get “server allocation failure” So I give it a minute, and then we are good to go. Happening in games I join before they start. Can’t speak for VS as I haven’t played since OP 7, but there is some odd stuff in PVE lol.