Does Gears 5 actively seek bad players to match with good players?

Cant find a match WTF

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Probably my last post on this but thought i’d update this thread as i finally won another match.

I’ve now won 10 matches out of probably around 40 to 50. I know i know, please hold your applause.

I haven’t played Gears 5 at all in nearly 3 weeks, been playing Bloodborne on the PS4 if you’re interested.
That’s why i haven’t made any progress since my last post in this thread as you can see i’m still in Onyx.

But how is it, i can push supposed Master/Diamond players around like their nothing after not touching Gears 5 in 3 weeks on a tuning i don’t like all that much and after getting used to a PS4 controller in my first game on.

The only other player in this match who was actually any good was the Kait on the COG team.
She knew how to move and hold her shot, she actually played some situations smartly.
The other players though, even the ones on my team, oh my god, they shouldn’t be able to get passed Onyx 3.

There’s a Master player (definitely not) on the other team that couldn’t hit a shot. I toyed with him for a while to see if he could hit me without fighting back. It took him 7 shots to finally hit me because his aim was so bad.

I think this current version of the Ranking system is far more progression based than skill based.

It’s too forgiving for poor/average players, allowing them to reach ranks they shouldn’t.

The Ranking system needs to reward highly skilled solo players which yes it currently does, but it’s too lenient for average skilled players as they can still get Masters even though their really Gold/Onyx level skilled players.

But saying all of that it still doesn’t solve the problem of the game pairing really good solo players with morons.

I think i’ll end this “experiment” with this as i’m just not interested in Gears 5 PvP at this point.

The game definitely goes out of it’s way to match skilled solo players with bad/average players though.

Out of 50 or so matches i’ve not come lower than top of my team in any that i’ve played and carried every time.
I haven’t run into any high ranked players i don’t think i could not beat or at least equal even on a tuning i dislike.

To only win 10 matches despite that i would say confirms the matchmaking actively seeks bad players to match with good players in an attempt to create a balanced match, even if it is on a brand new account.

Fix the matchmaking to find equally skilled players on and against your team and the game would instantly become more enjoyable, even on a very meh tuning. :+1:

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Your a smurf , true skill ranking which you cant see pits you against high ranks, you and the kid on the other team both low pings done the best as the other 6 players have pings over 120

i keep reading ranks dont matter its too easy to rank up, then some other thread pops up say im getting matched against higher ranks its unfair, this forum is a joke full negative crap lol

Yeah I wanted to do this on a new account to see how it would match me through the rankings.

While the pings are high for them they still weren’t Diamond/Master skilled players. I’ve played on high pings while everyone else is on low before and been told I’m cheating or making my ping high on purpose to gain advantages like lag compensation which of course is bull.

Ranks don’t matter when they don’t aid or create balanced matches.

It is definitely too easy for average skilled players to rank up, it shouldn’t be possible for legitimate Gold players to reach Masters.

Being ranked against higher legitimate ranks when your not a legitimate high ranked player is unfair. But average skilled players are allowed to rank to Masters which creates very unbalanced matches. I’m sure a lot of average skilled players would like to face other average skilled players instead of having a miserable experience against sweats and then being blamed for losing.

But it is what it is, everyone’s got their opinion, that’s fine.

Any day now I’ll get that friend request


there’s a difference between being negative and being uninformed.

if they player doesn’t know how the Ranking system works or isn’t aware of behind the scenes skill systems that’s on TC to explain. I’m pretty sure the game never tells the user it’s possible to play 50% of the games Ranked players at all times. this is why you have posts every single day on reddit/forums asking why they’re playing against x y z.

having 16 Ranks cover such a small population is just making things worse. at launch, for sure there was enough players to match close to your Rank but not any more. should be 3 or 4 max.

Didn’t think i’d bother finishing getting to Masters but with nothing else to do in lockdown, i did.

I won 18 games in total… which is… painful considering it just prolonged how long it took to finish this.

I’ll be honest i kind of lost track of how many i played overall but i believe it was between 83 and 88 games.

So 18 games won in total out of roughly 85 or so games. Pure pain.

To only win 18 games and lose roughly 60 to 70 games despite not coming lower than top in any game i played i think proves pretty well that the matchmaking actively matches good solo players with lower skilled players regardless of rank to try and balance out the matchmaking.

Although, i guess that’s technically a lie because for some reason i had 2 games where i was clearly MVP but the game gave me second place. No idea why because i had more or equal of every statistic that the ranking system uses to calculate your GP, determining your place.

Second on the Swarm side despite higher of literally everything and a solo bonus and of course we lost.

Second on the COG side despite equal Captures and Breaks and way more Eliminations.
Also one of the few games i won and didn’t have to double my teams Eliminations to do so, so that was nice.

It’s funny because casual matches actually determine MVP more accurately than Ranked does.

This guy was Onyx 1, he was playing the whole game and didn’t seem to know what the hell was going on.
On the COG team, honestly amazed we won but to be fair the other team were genuine Onyx level players.

Just goes to show literally ANYONE can at least get to Onyx through purely playing a lot.
And then they get paired with good solo players who have to carry them and then that pushes them further.
That shouldn’t be the case in any Ranking system.

I had some really great examples of Diamond/Master Ranked players being really bad but after my last post i thought i was done so i missed screenshotting 20 or so games.

But i got some kind of alright examples so i guess i’ll use those.

A bunch of supposedly Master players getting beat by a lowly Onyx.

No offence to these guys but in a correctly functioning Ranking system they shouldn’t be able to get passed Onyx.
We also only won a round because one of the other teams players who was genuinely a Master level player lagged out and re-joined later in the second round.

Bunch of players who were somehow able to get to Diamond, ones 1 tier away from Master.
If the Ranking system was accurate in determining skill they would be genuine Gold 1/2/3 players.

This was the match that got me Master rank after losing 3 out of 4 of my games.
I know that doesn’t mean anything as it’s a joke to get Masters but just as proof.

Some genuine Master players in this match, some definitely not. Which is why the other team had a bad time.
But i can say it’s the first time i got a stack on my team who didn’t totally suck.
Probably one of the easiest matches i got to play through the whole experiment and one of the few i won.

So yeah in total, it’s a miserable experience playing solo and you will definitely be matched with lower skilled players if you’re a genuine Master level player.

Most people in Diamond/Master really shouldn’t be there, this obviously isn’t the players fault their just enjoying playing the game. But the Ranking system while it allows genuine Master level players to get to Masters solo which is great, it’s far to forgiving for average skilled players to get there also.

I think the system needs to be able to recognise if a player is clearly out of their league.
If you’re losing consistently and coming bottom of the team by a large margin then there’s something up.
The Ranking system needs to be more punishing for players who aren’t consistently top of their team.

Getting Masters should be a real accomplishment, it’s the highest Rank you can receive.
Not every average joe should be able to make it there and then in-turn create very unbalanced matches.

Also i’ve just read through this post and it sounds like i’m being quite cocky, i’m not.
I have no problem with showing that i came last or played badly if i had.
There’s probably thousands of players that would run circles around me very easily in a 1v.

It’s also not to call out anybody being bad or anything, it’s not the players fault their mis-placed in the Ranks.
If The Coalition could make a matchmaking and Ranking system that can accurately determine players skill and match them with the correct players it would make matchmaking balance so much better.

I think that would improve everybody’s experience in general.
It’s not fun having to carry people who aren’t at the skill level they should be to be Ranked Diamond/Master.
It’s also not fun for lower skilled players to be blamed for losing because their incorrectly matched against higher skilled players because the Ranks in their current state are not an accurate portrayal of skill.


I’ve been getting back into versus after a long hiatus.

I play solo, and have won most of games so far, but its a struggle. I often get at least one teammate who only knows how to chainsaw.

Meanwhile the enemy team usually has a duo at minimum.

Its not entirely bad, I’ve been having fun, but the quality of help I had felt better in previous gears titles.

In other words, I feel ya.

I mean it’s not even anything to do with stacks. It just feels like if you play at a high level regardless of what rank you are or even if it’s a brand new account like i used for this thread. The game somehow knows and will go out of it’s way to pair you with the worst players found for the match to attempt to create a balanced match. Just painful.

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