Does Gears 5 actively seek bad players to match with good players?

You getting to diamond?

Highly unlikely.



I am back with another post.

I have another reverse case here. Not a low-rank player who is bad, but a high rank (Onyx) player who is bad.

Another 0-2 loss here through solo-queue.

I was playing as swarm. Have a look at the player at the bottom of the swarm scoreboard… an onyx player.

I ended up as top player again… even maxed out my eliminations and caps.

I am pretty sure this Onyx player doesn’t know how to play gears :

  • As you may remember, frags spawn at the exact center in Clocktower map. This player was camping for the frags when it showed 40 seconds on the cooldown timer for the weapon to spawn. Literally just sitting there, doing nothing, waiting for the frags to spawn.

  • I don’t remember seeing this guy switching to the gnasher or getting an elimination with it either.
    The reason this player had 29 eliminations because he used his lancer to shoot at the opponents while we charged in to break the ring. And as you may know… you just need to hit a single bullet on a target to get an elimination.

  • In KOTH, you may die trying to break the opponents ring. So you get shown the spectator cam to see if your teammates were successful after you in breaking the ring. This player is actually so stupid that I have seen this player charge in the ring multiple times with a lancer… and rightly getting bodied by the opponents.

The silver and gold teammates actually played very well. They displayed skill well beyond their rank.
These guys were the reason we actually gave a tough fight to our opponents.

But the Onyx player was actually useless.
How these players reach Onyx is beyond me… zero brains and skill.

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I feel you comrade. I have a same issues but with FFA (~160k) and neverending queue. Here is my story - FFA - especially long queue time [PC + Steam + Europe region]

My experience with Gears ranked was yolo ride. I like Gears: i like simple gameplay of this game: it’s funny (for me). Game is not hard but decent - in my opininon. I was make very fast four masters (140 - hours in game time - 4 masters). And i like grinding FFA for example but man …

Main reason why i’m currently stop playing Gears is: queue and servers. I can accepted random kick from the game, weird hitbox, issues with keyboard and mouse, some teleports + high ping and a lot of other stuff but not 5-10 hours queue for 2 games. This is absolutly unacceptable. Literally devs don’t wanna see EU player in NA servers - it’s such a weird idea especially when EU region is dead and nobody play ranked.

I read a few topics and i asked a few peoples about PvP … and like a new player in Gears universe i feel very small and kind a choked for without a reason. Horrible servers and queue - that’s make me a little bit angry. Unfortunately. Sad when devs don’t wanna see people in ranked.

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The teammate shenanigans continues.

A beautiful three games in a row here lads. Yet more decisive 2-0 loses.

I’ve had at least one if not two legitimate Bronze players on my team because getting to Onyx requires absolutely no skill every match i’ve played thus far.
Despite these players being able to be paired with me against supposed Master level players.

Since i made this new account for this experiment i’ve yet to come any lower than top of my team in any matches i’ve played, which i’ve played about 40-ish or so now i believe.

Surely i have to run into a player who’s better than my Bronze level abilities and can trump me on the scoreboard and carry me to victory soon right?. Hint Hint Matchmaking

I’ve still only won 9 games :frowning: up to nearly being in Diamond.
Not bad for someone who’s not fond of this bot walk tuning.

I wonder if it’s possible to get to Master by almost only losing?. Must be, i think i might try.

Oh and before someone moans about stacks, i really don’t care at all. If people want to stack let them, it’s Ranked.
It’s on me playing a team based mode solo, it’s not their fault.
But as i said in the OP, this thread is an experiment to see how poor the matchmaking is for good solo players.

I shall report back with more pain when i can be bothered to play Gears 5. :+1:


Be. My. Friend. Ferret.

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Oh we can be more than friends :upside_down_face:


I have to agree to the whole thread
looks like we’re somehow back to older operations matchmaking where the presence of a masters ranked players was balanced out by lower ranks
also, personal rant, why this should be the only game where one can queue as a bronze if in a masters stack?

we also said multiple times, this OP’s ranks mean zero
I’ve played with other masters in koth that were absolutely incapable of holding their own, I’ve saw masters with less than 10 eliminations after 2 full koth rounds
sure, everyone has/might have bad matches but come on, this cannot be real

solo + best player bonus + topping GP for caps/breaks/elims might get you there
not to masters but pretty close

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I’ll be waiting for the request night and day <3


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Aloha :slight_smile:

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Be my friend Antique

What we’re all seeing is the result of everyone crying to TC about how they should be rewarded for every single thing they do. You now have people who have no business being Onyx or Diamond getting mushed around by real killers simply because the ranking system rewards us for ANYTHING. I’m Diamond 2, but I can admit I certainly don’t feel like one. Don’t get me wrong, I can get busy but I’m not on the level of some of the other guys in my tier. When I hit Diamond in Escalation and KOTH back in GOW 4, I felt like I EARNED that rank. I had to put in serious time and work to get that high. Now? I win a few matches, get some caps and elims, and boom, I’m damn near Master. I understand TC had to make some changes to the system to make it easier to rank up, but they went way overboard.

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It’s true I almost got diamond 5 for gears 4 but that involved winning 90%+ of our 2v2 gnasher matches.

TC made the mistake of doing whatever they wanted when the game was created, and now they are making the mistake of catering to every single player that complains about anything in the game.

With that being said, F this tuning, revert it.

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I need people who don’t have a paper due every night at 11:59 !!

I love my “A” average more than you, Kylie.


First a snow storm to stir up my seasonal depression.

Now my good (maybe bad now) friend says a fictitious grade is more loved than me.

My heart.