Does Gears 5 actively seek bad players to match with good players?

It’s just devoid of talent.

It was actually decent before this clunky tuning, then people left & match making lost the player base to match appropriately.

I know I left & so did 40 of my friends who played daily.

Sad to see my friends going from playing gears 5 24/7 to marvels avengers, apex, rainbow six, and as for me I’m playing phantasy star universe.

All that’s left is the newer players , few die hards,& esports wanna be’s.

So there’s a huge gap of talent.

That’s just the blunt truth.

What happens when you flesh out there core of the PvP community to appease esports.

TC doesn’t realize the value of the middle ground consistent gamer who just plays for fun.

As a result you get these terrible matchmaking problems.

Nobody cares though.

They’ll just praise the new tuning & regurgitate what TC’s been saying.

Usually the newer players who never touched ranked or the esport wanna be’s that enjoy this tuning.

But the PvP warrior has left this scene.

Maybe gears 6 will be better for the PvP scene but there isn’t really a care to better the tuning or hear out the PvP warriors so this is what you get.

You’d think top ranked players would know what’s best for ranked but some esports try hard has more weight in a mode they don’t even care for.

Esports has completely different rules than the average ranked match.

If ranked warriors wanted to play UMG we would but we don’t care about that at all , yet, they force ideology on us like it’s universal & makes sense.

I’m glad match making is terrible.

This needs to get worse so TC can value the ranked warrior & if they don’t so be it the game will suffer.

I’m not desperate to play. I won’t justify the tuning to validate why I should play. I simply won’t play it. If I’m not having fun that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if I’m still a master player in this tuning or who I’ve beat. Bottom line is I’m not investing time in something that doesn’t excite me.

Just stack at this point, match making will be like this for as long as TC wants to be stubborn.

In the end that’s on TC though. As a player , yes I love Gears but life isn’t gears. Only played because I was having fun & as result a lot of players are just leaving until further notice.

It’s a bigger problem than just finding quality matches because there is no quality. You get what you can find at this point.



I remember this well…

Just didn’t make sense.

Still doesn’t make sense.


As a poor player who gets teamed up with good players when I play solo, I can confirm.


You’re too modest, we all know you carry.


Sometimes I feel bad for my teammates and play terribly so they don’t think they suck so badly.
I’ll get “you stink at this game” type messages, but it doesn’t bother me. I know the truth.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. It’s as if you’re being punished for being a decent player.


So i haven’t played in 4 days, i thought i’d see if my luck improves.

Although i know it wont because the game is doing this 100% on purpose.

Here’s game 28.

Here’s game 29.

So another 2 games lost decisively, making 20 games lost in total and only 9 games won.

Notice in the second screenshot there’s a guy who’s Onyx and only gets 17 kills.
A literal donkey can get Masters in Gears 5, a player like that shouldn’t be able to get past Silver 3.

If you are a good solo player this game will 100% match you with low skilled players, it’s a painful experience.
The game absolutely does this on purpose, it’s not down to chance at all.

I think i’m going to keep updating this with screenshots because i know every game will look just like these.
See how bad this game screw me with teammates up to Masters.

Ah, a gentlemen as well i see, good show. You are like the 8th wonder of this world. We don’t deserve you.


And when you play with me, you get MVP every game <3


TC has managed to keep the complaints focused on the tuning and people seem to forget how terrible the new ranked system is.

Man, ever since they did the MVP changed back in Op3 this game started going downhill smh

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Ranked system wasn’t that bad in op4

I solo’d a lot & found it better , surprisingly

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You are right, the ranked system was definitely more balanced back in OP4 but, it was less satisfying than it was on OP3.

Because in previous operations you knew that if you performed like a freaking god in the game, you would get rewarded no matter whether your crappy team won or not and you would rank up.

But with this new ranked system, your performance is limited so you stop feeling rewarded after 60 elims (easy to reach if ur good) and you could no longer tell who’s the better player bcuz elims are not kills, they are assists.

And for some reason, TC had a leaderboard between masters to see who was the 1% best which was enough motivation to keep on playing after you reached masters, but they also got rid of that.

In my opinion, they traded fun for balance (and that also goes for their tuning)

TDM right? Unless people have been lying to me about their gp, if you have over 160k in koth you can still find matches. I’m at 163k in TDM and in all the games I’ve found after 160k the entire lobby was in masters, or queued with someone in masters. Takes like 30-40 minutes of searching to get one of these matches. TC no comment on the issue, I know they see and read everything I’ve made two threads about it, one here one on reddit — it’s incredibly annoying.

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Yes tdm
Yes 30-40 min
And yes all masters

I was one win away from hitting Diamond today. I got paired with a trio, two of which were Bronze and the third was Onyx 3. I’m thinking, oh FML, here comes a loss . Pffft. We absolutely smacked the other team 2-0 and the bronzes caught 55+ bodies. The other team ended up being 1 Diamond and 3 Onyxs. Those Bronzes must’ve been way better than their ranks suggested.

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I know this one bronze player (@TC_Dave) who wreaks Dimonds on the daily.


What would you say, if I told you, they probably aren’t really bronze players? Or their real accounts


Why would anyone do that though? Not that I doubt you. Just genuinely curious.

Sometimes solo queue feels impossible to win or have fun

Especially when you get bad teammates on TDM.

Koth is slightly less infuriating

However, I still do enjoy most time in ranked

Allow me to contribute to this thread.

The example I am posting is a reverse case. Not a low-rank player who is bad… but a diamond player who is bad.

I used to play TDM exclusively in OP5 along with my friend. His laptop broke down unexpectedly and he gave it for servicing. My friend’s laptop should be repaired by next week.

We made it to Diamond in TDM together. I don’t want to progress ranks without him so I took a break from TDM.

Decided to try climbing ranks in KOTH, just for fun.

I was playing Ranked KOTH solo this afternoon.

A player in my team was AFK in the first round. That player quit in the second round.
Of course, we lost both the rounds.

And this is the match end result :

I tried my absolute best in this match, even though we were playing 3 vs 4.
I thought that we may have a good chance of winning because a diamond player was on my side.

Turns out I was wrong, diamond player was useless.

I ended up as top player.

The Diamond player is bottom ranking… even worse performance than the Silver player.
Just check out his caps, breaks and elims… abysmal performance.

Is this player even Diamond? I wonder…

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Dang it. Was probably one of my alts…