Does Gears 5 actively seek bad players to match with good players?

Long thread, grab popcorn, grab drink, get fat, laugh at how terrible this thread is.

I wanted to do a bit of an experiment on the matchmaking in Gears 5 and how it pairs players.

Because my experience with being paired with random players as a solo player is always just painful.

I’m sure the game doesn’t just take your rank into consideration, so Silver, Gold, Onyx etc, and attempts to calculate an even match based purely on that.

But other statistics as well to make sure good players are matched with bad/below average players to even the matchmaking out and attempt to create a balanced match, basically like the old system did.

Which is why searching as a good solo player will almost always land you with the below average teammates.
And i think a lot of good solo players can relate to that and back that statement up.

So i made a “smurf” account, i’ve never done this before. I think it’s pretty sad when people create new accounts just to stomp on new players ruining their experience. So i’m only doing this for the purposes of this experiment.

I’ve played 27 matches of KOTH, I’ve won 9 and lost 18. Yeah i know right a lot of loses.
I come top of my team in all 27 matches win or lose, so you know who to look at in the screenshots.
I also made sure to play between 7pm and 11pm UK time in the weekdays so more or less at peak times.
I have had no idle players who weren’t playing so that doesn’t factor into any of the loses.
Crossplay is also on to help improve wait times to see if that makes a difference.

The first 4 matches were as i expected, a complete breeze. Won with no problems as obviously i was against genuine Bronze/Silver players. I found all 4 of these matches extremely quickly, well within 30 seconds.

The 5th match is where things suspiciously start to become uneven and wait times for finding matches become longer and longer. Instead of taking less than 30 seconds to find a match it now took almost 3 minutes.

The match is very unbalanced against me this time unlike the first 4 matches but that was expected for those.
I find myself with 3 teammates who seemingly don’t have a clue against players who can setup, Lancer and rotate to the next hill regardless of the fact that this is technically a Bronze level match.

I’ve hidden player names as this thread isn’t to expose how bad players are or anything and i don’t want my “smurf” account shown either. My friend created the name as a joke and some snowflake might get triggered.

We lost 2-1. Here’s the thing, i don’t think this game identifies me as a Bronze ranked player at this point.
Despite that being my rank or the fact that it’s a brand new account.

121 eliminations in a Bronze ranked match, basically doubling anybody else in the match, is not enough to win.

This basically happens in every match going forward.

In fact every game that i won excluding the first 4 matches looks something like this.

So the very next game which is a Bronze/Silver ranked game, but i have to play like a Master player to win.

That wasn’t because the other players were at that level but because the players on my team were just that bad that every time i got in a fight it was more or less just me against 4 of them making it difficult.

Every game i won, i had to really try, if i played like a genuine Silver/Gold player it’s an instant lose.

Out of 27 matches, i only easily won the first 4. I had to really sweat to win the other 5, totalling 9 matches won.
I lost 18 matches pretty much decisively 2-0 because every game i had the worst players on my team.

For whatever reason, after the first 4 matches i had been paired with the 3 worst players in the lobby to be teammates every single match going forward. Don’t get me wrong i understand their low ranked players but the point is so are the other team, but the other team weren’t complete bots like mine.

They knew how to rotate to the next hill and cross for their team, some of them were even wall bouncing.
But whenever i died and spectated someone on my team it was like they could only operate one analog stick at a time, genuine Bronze/Silver players.

That can’t just be down to me being really unlucky with the matchmaking when it happens almost every game.

Here’s some other screenshots i’ll pick at random at varying ranks and throw in, just to prove i’m not pulling this all out of my backside. I wont show them all because i don’t want to make this into a huge scrolling thread.

Just as reference, i’m on the losing team and at the top in all these screenshots.

In every game i lose, i’m doubling if not tripling my teammates eliminations. If i was a genuine low ranked player it would be pointless even starting the match. Also remember it’s eliminations, not kills. If it were kills the difference would be even greater because my teammates wouldn’t get any credit for putting a single Lancer bullet into them while missing all the other bullets across the map accomplishing nothing.

It cannot just be bad luck due to how consistently i’m given the worst players in the match. The game must know that it’s not a genuine low ranked player playing even though it’s a brand new account.

I suspect things like leaderboard statistics might play a role in this?. I checked the statistics on this account after the 5th match and randomly after other matches and out of the 6 stats it shows 4 of them are ranked top 1%.

Maybe this plays a factor and the game uses these amongst other hidden statistics only TC can know to attempt to create even matches by pairing you with players with worse stats. Would make sense why the first 4 matches i didn’t get shafted with the bad players and it seemed genuinely random.

Also for people who say at higher ranks it gets better and the teams become more even, it really doesn’t.
I’ve played 90% of my games at the higher ranks solo since the new Ranking system was introduced.
Which is exactly why i created a new account to see if at the lower ranks it would be any different or the same deal after the season was in full swing so the better players had already got to the higher ranks.

But then that is also a result of the fact that you can get to Onyx by simply playing a lot regardless of how good you are and that the system allows you to find +2/-2 meaning these bad players can match up against genuine Master players. I’m sure TC said they’d put it back to +1/-1 after people had settled into their true ranks, guess there aren’t enough players to accomplish that, but that’s going off track of the thread.

But whatever the case may be, if this is or is not the case it really does seem like the game goes out of it’s way to pair good players with average/bad players to create even matches even with the new ranking system.

So yeah, hopefully you enjoyed wasting your time reading this thread as much as i did writing it.
Can’t do anything else being locked inside because of a ■■■■■■■ pandemic.

Here’s a picture of a cat to improve your mood, unless you don’t like cats then i guess it just sucks to be you.


I was ~400 GP points away from getting Masters in KOTH Solo,

It’s like one more match win,

I swear,


Every game I’m solo with 3 duds.

I can double / triple the elims but I can’t hold rings myself…

I came across many stacks - even duo’s & triples when I’m with bronze/silver/gold/onyx players trying to beat Masters players.


I have that problem with 2v2, though sad in my case it’s Onyx I can’t seem to break into lmfao.

Been stuck at the peak of Gold 3, but seems I keep getting paired with a noob while the opponents are always a 2 stack that knows exactly how to double team and take advantage haha.


there’s hidden Trueskill Rank and Matching behind this games own visible Ranking system.

pretty sure this is how it worked before in Gears 4, the TrueSkill system would not align with the in-game Ranking system all the time. it was possible to outpace the visible Rank you had and match against harder opponents. then, only after a few more games it would balance out.

Gears 5 seems to use the same system in some form.


So basically the game is penalising me, actively searching for worse players to put on my team opposed to the enemy team in the attempt to create an even match hoping that i’ll make up the difference.

Man, if the new tuning didn’t make me feel like playing this game then this really doesn’t.

I’m really surprised it works so effectively even on a brand new account also.



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I feel you. I run LFG every now and then, get 3 other people… (on average onyx most often, some gold, some diamond) and first match full squad of masters.

They all rage out first time playing together and I have to start looking for more teammates again lol.

Then the next match is the opposite for opposing players maybe some gold, bronze, etc.

Never feel consistent matchmaking in this game.


Take a look at the screenshots below this statement in the thread above.

Exclude the OP and just look at the breaks and eliminations of the losing team.

These guys aren’t even trying. Just look at the players they being matched against.
Breaks are just flat out bad… they might keep getting killed when they try to cap a ring.

So OP cleans house, and OP’s teammates provide lancer support from a distance. This explains their high eliminations.

Once OP clears the ring, they jump into it to gain the GP for caps.

The best metric overall to verify this is GP!!!
Just check out the GP for the players on the losing team.

Remember that the losing team lost both rounds, so they don’t get the +500 GP bonus on round win.
You know OP is trying his absolute best as he scores >1100 GP in every match.
These guys don’t even come close.

This is further proof that RANKS MEAN NOTHING, even though you were matched against similar ranked players.

This is like sending Solid Snake and three toddlers along with him in an infiltration mission. Just because he is Solid Snake, doesn’t mean the mission would be a success. There is a limit to how much you could carry/ babysit your teammates in a team-game based on coordination.

Absolute garbage matchmaking system.

No, @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o you actually did a good job. One of the few times that I actually stuck around to read a long thread like this, keep up the good work and looking forward to reading more threads created by you.


I know that struggle

Cap the ring, kill two or 3 setup attackers, get pushed from a different spawn side and die.

Look back on the whole thing thinking “are my teammates going to help?”

No they are all humping each other because one of them got to the boom before the others.


It might be because you had Batista in some of your matches.


Yeah, it is what it is as they say.

Yes .

Lolz all jokes aside its a point based system. that’s behind the scenes of matchmaking. Oddly enough the system works in the respect it kinda knows your skill gap, but it does a horrendous job of knowing teamwork. In your games it was pairing a master and three decoys against a team of golds and onyx. Why? Because the points evened out behind the scenes. Oh this team of golds equals 12,000 pts, (3,000 pts average) We have one guy here who is 10,500 pts by himself and these other three whipper snappers are 500 a piece that also is 12,000

Good enough for government work they say and Send it.

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playerbase is too small

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Great thread, thanks for the cat pic.

I remember distinctly in Gears 4 that making an alt account did nothing in terms of what kind of players the game matched me with. Maybe you have to make an entirely fresh XBL account in order to be truly incognito?

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Yeah I can vouch for this. I play Solo 98% of the time and can’t remember the last time I wasn’t top of my team by a wide margin. I have the exact experience you’ve described. It really makes no sense because as you said, replace you or me with a player who is of the same skill level as the rest of our teammates and the game may as well not even be played. They would get absolutely obliterated.

I can only do so much man I’m only one guy. If I play KOTH and I don’t get at least a double or triple kill when trying to capture or retake the ring we simply don’t get that ring, Between the other 3 people on my team they usually only manage to kill 1 person, 2 if they’re lucky. It’s extremely frustrating that I have been selected to carry a bunch of complete mouth breathers to victory against decent players on the opposing team. I feel like I’m being punished for being good.


This is a really good thread, it’s something that everyone who solo queues has felt. It also highlights a couple of other issues that have already been mentioned briefly in other comments

It made me laugh, how you played this at ‘peak time’ in the UK and in your first screenshot everyone else besides one other is (somewhere in the US?) around 170 ping
Granted a few of the other matches had reasonable ping, I do wonder how many of those people were in several of these matches.

That shows how low the player base is, at a peak time there is still not a big enough population to have consistent matches at a similar ping.
I see a lot of people say they’d prefer to wait longer for a match as the trade off for having better pings is worth the wait. That being said, the other point you mentioned (granted in a reply) is the +/-2 ranks matchmaking. It is possible, although I don’t know how unlikely, to rank into Masters by playing nobody higher than gold.
It does make the ranking system completely redundant and explains why sometimes you match with other Masters ranks and it looks like their first day. There is a chance they’ve never played diamond or masters matches before.

I do wonder if this can even be fixed due to the small player base (at least in EU)
If the matchmaking was changed to find best pings for all, queue times increase, so to then add finding +/-1 rank, I think it’d be a week long wait to find a game.

What’s better - mixmatch ranks with good ping, or equal ranks with bad ping?
I’m just glad it’s not my job to try make these decisions

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Yeah it was somewhere in the middle of gow4 life’s that they adopted that attitude of (diamond + 4 silvers = 3 gold + 2 onyx) for matchmaking and any hope of balanced games went out the window…


No! They are very happy with the player numbers after this latest tuning rollout…


The only thing I know for sure is that there’s an invisible wall of gp you can hit where you can no longer find matches.


Yes i have 160 000 gp now i cant find a matche

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