Does Escape not track your times/progress? Or anything?

So I flat out don’t understand what is, what isn’t, and what’s SUPPOSED to be tracked and displayed regarding escape. I played twice, completed the hive both times. In the escape menu though my best time is blank, hive rank is blank, and skills read 0/30. I have definitely unlocked at least one new skill card for Emile. Also when we finished the time to beat or whatever it said was like 33 minutes and we did it in nine or ten. I’m sure we aren’t 300% faster at escape than everyone in the world. We did this in the “weekly escape: the hive” menu. What’s different between this and the “past hives” menu besides the map you play?

Am I just not doing it right or what? What am I missing?

The maps are different since the have different mechanics? As in for the stat tracking I had a similar issue last night I hear a few of the maps and I log on this morning to see they are gone. After a few minutes they came back so it’s either a bug or glitch. Right now as it stands gears 5 is a incomplete mess.

It’s Aug 29th 2020. My Escape won’t track any of the maps I play. It tracked maybe 5. What the heck is going on? I want the Year of the Scorpion Achievement.

Then you have to wait another 10(?) weeks anyway. I’m sure it will be sorted out until then