Does character levels determine skill?

Uh–it’s installed. Just not updated, I haven’t touched any games on my Xbox, been binging on Netflix.

Tiger king?

No, I didn’t really care for that. I’m on Season 10 of Supernatural.

I only saw the pilot episode back when it aired.

Girlfriend tried getting me to watch the first season, and I compared it to the Witcher 3… and in comparison it wasn’t that great.

But pushing through the first two seasons was worth it, kinda like the Clone Wars show with Seasons 2/3.

It’s decent. Better than most shows I see that’ve come out recently.

From 1-15 its 69,100 Exp
From 15-18 its 120,000 Exp

Level 2 - 100 exp
Level 3 - 500 exp
Level 4 - 1,000 exp
Level 5 - 1,500 exp
Level 6 - 2,000 exp
Level 7 - 2,500 exp
Level 8 - 3,000 exp
Level 9 - 3,500 exp
Level 10 - 4,000 exp
Level 11 - 6,000 exp
Level 12 - 8,000 exp
Level 13 - 10,000 exp
Level 14 - 12,000 exp
Level 15 - 15,000 exp
Level 16 - 20,000 exp
Level 17 - 40,000 exp
Level 18 - 60,000 exp


This is how I see it also.

This is a very good observation on this question, and primarily sums up this post. I gauge players this same exact way when I see these types of actions. In these situations I’ll play with a lower level player any day then these types of players.


Thanks man.

I knew it felt like a grind lol.

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When someone grabs all the weapons and ammo I just use snub until dry and then bot walk next to the ammo hog while they get downed by bastion-enforced grinders

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As someone who plays with a lot of friends who have low to moderate skill, I don’t feel like levels matter. They might have the same levels I do but if they AFK for a round or two it has little affect on the outcome. One of my friends gets flamed for having high levels but she has low mechanical skill.
Some of us actively try to develop our game sense and mechanical skill while others just like hanging out in chat and pressing buttons.

I don’t understand when in some horde/escape lobbies host writes “Re up XX or more”

For example, what happens if I’m the best player (I’m not) playing escape with Mac? Host will kick me because I don’t have the time or the mood to play a lot of time for getting re-up 20 (I’m re-up 18).

I admit that when I host a horde/escape match on master I put “level 16+”, only because many players join to be carried out (level 5 or less, or they don’t read) If there are Jack, Fahz or other character below level 16 I admit them because level 14 to level 16 doesn’t change too much (Except Emile for Escape and some other characters)

I completed hordes and escape with a team below lvl 16 on master, but because there are so many players waiting for high exp while they are low level (Obviously The Clock and District don’t count), I prefer to put that on my lobbies

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Maybe they have Play with Fire? But really, Cole doesn’t need those weapons. I mean, I leave the weapons for team mates if possible. Cole can just tackle and melee enemies to explosions. No weapons needed. But he might need an odd Overkill shots here and there. And with his immunity to melee… etc. The players that go for the gun shooting route may not have seen or realise the potential of explosive tackling. Even I didn’t until I saw one. And I was playing Clayton at the time. Then I already knew what to do when I started my Level 1 Cole.

By the time I got Level 18 Cole, all his cards were either Level 4 or 5. While Defensive Tackle and Epic Score Boost locked out. It’s kinda annoying because it means more grinding while rest of cards maxed. Like, I would’ve wanted to level all of them at same time.

Sometimes, people hog those weapons to try being as independent as possible. Clock runs tends to have More Health off. There is enough firepower to kill all enemies with bullets-only and Shock Grenades or Heavy weapons, without having to resort to special skills. Like how a Level 1 character might play.

It’s because they want very experienced players. Anyone who has played a lot of PvE, whether Escape or Horde, have maxed characters and cards, many of them. So it’s easier to change characters. They would be around 20-50 by now. I was considering to write this too but went to do something else instead. There are many people on my list that are above 20+. The lower I remember is 21. I would think 18-19 are exceptional.

In a way, I’d almost prefer a random level 12-16 character (depending on character) than an 18, if I’m playing with a friend. I’m finding so many level 18s are dead weight and stubborn. A less experienced escape player is more likely to listen to directions.
Barracks is a prime example. So many people insist on waiting for the lift, when clearly there isn’t enough time. Even if I’m Cole and can easily clear out the juvies to buy more time and fet dropshot for Keegan. They insist on waiting for imminent death.

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You have empathy for a greedy level 18 cole and that’s a good thing; but you also recognize that Coles role is one that needs 0 weapons or ammo to thrive. A team mate can sometimes contribute more if they have a rifle so with it being a team effort then someone playing outside of their role for independence is someone who is demonstrating sub level 18 role knowledge and teamwork imo. But you are also right that on clock it doesn’t matter to a critical extent it’s only a nicety.
I guess in conclusion Level 18 characters can mean a greater potential for success but not always.
Actually one more way that a level 18 character wouldn’t be a potential for success is map knowledge.
All my guys are level 18 except for Kait, Cole and Clayton (all 17) - but I mostly know Clock and Surge; I’ve got the power to contribute on other maps but where there are nuances I’d need to see them or be told about them. I can listen and cooperate but I’m in the dark whereas a level 16 character that’s played the map you’re on more than me will outperform me until I come up to speed.

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Yeah, map knowledge does matter too. Like if someone chose to play Keegan, they have to know the explosive weapons and where they are located. Sometimes there’s none and need to be a change of card setup.

I don’t know if it’s greed when a certain player has confidence that they will perform well with those weapons and don’t want to rely on missed shots, team mates not perfect active reloading before shooting. I have seen too many players not perfect active reload the Longshot or EMBAR, and end up missing out on one shot damage potential. There’s cases where Mac takes all the blue ammo boxes and Keegan taking the red explosive boxes. But is it really greed when they need it to perform well with their Boltok or explosive weapons? There are cases when team mates pick up Longshot and EMBAR and die with it. Get down really easily and die far away. Then someone else who has been playing cautiously has no access to the stronger weapons.

The 20+ players may have most of the map knowledge, across different hives. Unless they have grinded one map and not played much of other hives.

Those greedy players may be most cautious and determined to the finish the hive, and avoid as much team mate stupidity as possible. I have moments when even I picked up both Longshot + EMBAR as Clayton and took as many Ammo Boxes. And I played it safe from distance. But that’s not being greedy. We ended up passing every time. Making every shot count.

When someone picks up two Snipers, then gets Ammo Box for both of them, they can then drop one weapon for team mate. They can share that way. I have seen cases where team mate picks up one weapon and grabs all Ammo Boxes. Like, why not grab second weapon then get all Ammo Boxes then drop me one?

In the end, who cares when we do pass the hive anyway. If someone does questionable actions, they better have a good reason and perform well. And not screw up.


I have noticed this effect. Every hive has really important characters that are key to success. Like Venom build Lahni or Cole for Warren. Keegan for Hunters, Forever, Gauntlet… etc. When a player under Level 18 plays the really important character, the chance of beating on Master is vastly lower. These are exceptions when I would 100% prefer a Level 18 character.

The most successful Master runs has always had 18-only characters, either with randoms that know what they’re doing, have the same plan, or willing to try each other’s strategies or amongst friends.

I almost want to spin a wiki off of here and try to roll in @Hu1k_Daddy’s character play guides with map strategies too.
I’m sure I could figure things out if people have headsets and say the non-obvious things that they want to make sure is known but in case I don’t get that circumstance then it would make it easier to contribute value :slight_smile:

I’m re-up 16

I cannot stress how this is a HUGE problem in Barracks. So many players insist on waiting to just die EVERY TIME! It’s so bothersome. I’ve told many players that my Lizzie can solo that whole area, while pushing both levers to suppress the venom, but people don’t like risking things when knowing we’re all gonna die regardless.

This is my playstyle. I was just talking with a player yesterday that recognized this is how I play. I normally always let Mac get all the ammo, especially if I’m using a character that barely needs anything. But this is a rarity trait, and only the elite Gears head plays this way, majority everyone plays selfish, rather intentionally, or unintentional.