Does character levels determine skill?

For example, a lot of custom lobbies specify certain things that are required (lvl 18 Emile, Lahni, etc.) but what if level 15 and/or 16 characters are more skilled? I’ve always found this interesting, because, I feel, a characters level doesn’t equate to that particular player being skilled. I’ve played with players that had high level cards and they weren’t good at all.

It’s a great moral quandary that spans across all of gaming…


The answer is nyes


No it doesnt determine skill but it does determine if your character at least has the minimum level of the higher level cards

If that makes sense


It’s a generalization that is fairly accurate. Most people that have played a lot are generally better than those that haven’t. It’s never a certainty but it’s one way to increase your odds of getting a decent player.


That’s even a misconception. I had my Mac at level 15 (couple days ago got him to 16) but all his skill cards were 5’s except one epic card.

I wish they had a metric that you can see players skill cards.

This is a fair point.

Im not talking about the actual level of card but the cards you unlock at certain levels usually the gold cards are unlocked around level 15/16/17.


Oh ok, I see. Good point.

Level 17 only unblocks a banner or a bloodspray, don’t remember what exactly.

Maybe lobbies asking for lvl 16+ were present when many players played as Emile. I remember beign kicked out because I didn’t unlock my Halo skill card

It just determines how much Character XP they’ve earned and likehood of having maxed Rare, Epic or Legendary cards. I sometimes write 18 only because I want to play max potential. One weak link can hold everyone back on The Lines, The Blight, Barracks… etc.

Sometimes, it depends on player choices. One may play sloppy and anyone can have terrible matches but can keep retrying to improve and do things differently.


“It’s not an indication of skill, just a tool for determining probable skill.”

This is absolutely the key, but, unfortunately, many players don’t see it that way. As soon as team dies they back out, instead of wanting to make certain adjustments.

For me it’s just because the cards will be at a higher level.
Characters on high level just mean they been used more, don’t make the player any better.
My jd is level 15 but I can’t use the gl for toffee lol.

I think that the character level does matter when it comes to experience. It’s fairly easy to grind a character to say level 15. It takes some real dedication to continue leveling to max. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but it’s at least 1/3-1/2 as much playing to go from 15 to 18 as 1-15.

Unless they are being constantly carried, the higher level character has much more experience playing that hero.

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Its the Freedom Lancer not the GL lol

Also if you need help getting better with Freedom Lancer I got you. I am the master of the Freedom Lancer

No, it shows nothing more than the fact you’ve put more time into something. That’s it.

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My favorite MP experience of recent memory (at least with strangers) was an MK11 Boss-Tower, where it was 3v1. I was the worst on the team—but we got into a party and retried over and over for about an hour until we finally won with proper coordination and Hope.

It’s so much more satisfying to work for the victory against unbeatable odds than to run away after losing once.

Reinstall Gears then

When I got my Keegan up to level 18 durring the x4 character XP event then he had mostly level 3 skill cards whereas all my other level 18 guys had no less than level 4 skill cards.
So… did the character level determine skill level there - not even
When I play escape with my level 18 cog gear and a level 18 Cole beats me to the supply room and takes all of the weapons and ammo so that my cog has to fight Elite drones with a snub then I feel like that level 18 Cole’s player skill and teamwork and game understanding levels are all lower than one might assume the byproduct of his grinding was.
So… did the character level mean somebody knows how to play - not even
So my answer is a level 18 NO character level does not determine skill - it suggests it but it’s not a perfect metric

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