Does Boost Give Double Character CXP

Because if the answer is yes, then this game has cheated me out of literally hundreds of thousands of CXP.

But if the answer is no, then i guess i don’t have to get my naughty stick out. (don’t use your imagination)

Or if the answer is it should but sometimes it doesn’t because it’s a bug then i’m just going to roll my eyes sadly.

I know there’s threads on this but the answers seem inconsistent and as of right now the game is definitely not giving me double CXP for completing Daily’s and i’ve just never cared enough to notice until this last week.

You don’t get double class XP for daily rewards. What you see is what you get.

If you are getting around 10k CXP on a Master Frenzy run then the CXP is giving out expected results.

Awesome good to know, but i have to ask what the point of Boost is in this game other than double stars in that case.

The CXP awarded through normal gameplay is doubled, yes. So instead of 1,25k for a 2act-master-hive you’ll get 2,5k with Boost.

Other than double stars for coins, like you’ve said, I’d say not that much. Unless you really need coins I wouldn’t suggest putting any Iron on Boost now, especially since they reduced the overall Re-up XP you need.

Yeah seems like a waste to spend real money on Boost overall at this point to be honest.

Can a mod with beautiful long flowing hair or any of the others lock this thread as it doesn’t need to exist anymore.

Ya boost is only for profile XP

I really noticed that during the 4x XP thing, when I got 4x reg XP but only double CXP which is what it really was was double XP but boost made profile worth 4x

Of course I could be wrong based on what the replies with more PVE experience than me just said lol… but just saying I know I only got double CXP during the 4x XP thing, cause I actually watched that part closely a couple times (as in knowing what I had going into the game) just to see. So idk lol

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