Does arcade not get new maps?

I have started to play arcade again since the lancer is a pea shooter in the other modes, i noticed that the only maps i typically see in rotation is basically the starting maps. Has anyone else played arena or pahanu in arcade? It could just be my luck.

I played a lot of Arcade on Allfathers when Op2 dropped.

Might just be luck of the draw. Although TC did say they upped the times the new maps came into rotation.

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I don’t remember ever playing arcade on all fathers in Op2. I remember Training Grounds, Icebound, Asylum, and Bunker.

thats all I played tonight and I think i played like 7 or 8 matches.

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Icebound seems to be very popular because of the towers


O and district, everyone votes district of course its like my least favorite

I genuinely do not believe that any of the four added maps are in quickplay rotation. I have played an absurd amount of quickplay modes this operation, Arcade, Bunny Hunt, Gridiron, Classic and I have yet to see a single new map come up for vote. It’s basically District 70% of the time, and then a random assortment of Icebound, Training Grounds, and Foundation.

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I haven’t played Pahanu once since it came out and one match on AllFathers since it came out. Definitely doesn’t feel like it.

As much as people ■■■■■ about Lancerfests they still pick maps that are most lancer friendly, not that there’s a lot of options for them.