Does anyone really feel a real difference between OP3 Elite Drones compared to OP4 ones?

I know TC “nerfed” them for OP4 but whatever they did feels like a negligible debuff. I still get 1 or 2 shotted from 50 meters out on Master. Still the same ol BS if you ask me.

And while we’re at it, are we really not going to address the absolutely insane dropping power of regular Drones’ Hammerbursts? They are even more oppressive than Elites once you get to Wave 30. One trigger pull and you’re DBNO.


Its a 1/8th damage reduction and a slight accuracy nerf, so it really doesn’t feel like much of a change in practice.

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That is kind of funny because I remember seeing some people crying that the “nerf” was going to make master difficulty piss easy

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I’ve hardly noticed a difference to them in Horde. They’re just slightly more bearable in Escape. They’re still shooting with sniper accuracy and hitting like a train.


Yeah, you’re right. Escape is where I see a bit of a difference. They still hit like a truck, but at least they don’t have laserbeam Claws now.

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It’s funny how people who cry about things being too hard like to accuse others of crying that things are too easy. Projection much? :wink:

That’s one of the many reasons I stopped playing Call of Duty. Someone with a spray an pray gun should not be able to fire 10 rounds at someone from across the map and kill the guy using a sniper rifle before he can fire 1 round. In those games I felt like if I wasn’t using something fully auto with a fast snap to aim, that I was handicapping myself.

Fortunately for me I don’t fall in either of those camps.


Theirs no difference at all. I sometime question myself on rather or not if the hammerburst drones are equally as powerful as the elite drones.

Elite drones need a bit of a harder nerf

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I agree. I mean there are ways to avoid it like getting all the power taps, but at level 30+ (or 5+ horde frenzy) being instant-dropped by any elite drone gets tiring fast (unless you’re Cole), I spend an entire level just picking up dropped team members.

Their accuracy should just be toned down a bit when they first start firing. After firing 6 rounds, they should get their accuracy but before then, they should have a hard time hitting you at a distance

The Hammerburst is definitely almost just as bad but it at least allows you to get shots off inbetween its bursts. Whereas a Claw never stops firing until it reloads.


Considering how big the mag is in a claw (like 50-100 rounds? I dont remember haven’t used this weapon in a long time) I say 6 rounds is a little too low. Remember that when these guys spawn it’s like 10 of them at once so I’d say maybe 15 rounds out of the whole mag.

6 is roughly how many it takes for human players to maximize the accuracy.

also they need overheat and reduce melee damages.

Claw just too dam powerful on the ai’s hande

I know that but the bots are always going to be more accurate than the player and considering there’s usually a large amount of them I feel that’ll give players more leeway when trying to revive teammates downed by the drones or flank. This way we dont have to nerf the damage to the point where the enemies are basically fodder.