Does anyone know who this guy is?

Mike Crump is the new Studio Head at The Coalition. Mike already was leading the Vancouver Xbox Game Studio when it was still called Black Tusk Studios. For the last 5 years, he was the Director of Operations at the studio


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Int he that bloke that is fixing Gears 5. Awesome bloke. Good on im :+1:


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Interesting clip… it seems funny how Rod mentioned they were “all in” on gears, and now he’s gone. And Ryan is gone. And Liam is gone. Black Tusk looked like they were invested somewhere else before gears came in and became the priority. The game doesn’t seem like it will be able to get back to the old gears of war until epic gets involved but they have other concerns. I wonder how long until we see the fruits of the labor of the new blood.

What makes you think Epic would make Gears go back to how it was in 1-3 after Judgement and the fact that they are now making Fortnite out of all things plus not really being comprised of the old team of developers?

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I would hope it’s bcoz epic love gears an now they have loads of money from fortnite they can jus do it for gears sake :+1: lol

They sold gears because they knew it was done. That’s why they had a ps3 version…pressure on microsoft for multiple platforms, made them choose “is gears a pillar of xbox or another victim of the console wars”

I can only imagine what gears wouldve been if on both consoles.

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An Epic employee who worked on the project confirmed it was only an engine test to see how UE3 would work with the playstation.

Cliff also tweeted that he thought it was fake because they never had any plans to port Gears to Playstation.

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That’s the public statement, but there was more behind the scenes. You don’t just make a build on enemy hardware for no reason lol. And I can only imagine when it slipped out, there was an urgency to buy the IP. Standard sales tactics, it’s how used car salesman make their cash. I wholeheartedly believe epic wanted a clean way to bow out of focusing purely on gears. I remember there being a lot of development burnout because demand was high and so were expectations since gears 2 had so much dlc and set a standard going forward. cliffy b was on Twitter saying “99.9% sure its fake”, when it’s real and pretty much fully playable albeit the final cutscene doesnt trigger, you’re telling me he didnt know? It slipped his mind?..I dont think it’s a big conspiracy or anything, but dont believe the test thing. There are plenty of games on ps3 running UE3, it’s no coincidence it happened and then the ip was sold shortly after pcf bombed judgment. Sale numbers were good but people disliked the game for not having execution at launch, a lack of downing really upset people. Theres no doubt a stratagem was in play.

Just saying gears doesn’t feel like gears since epic is no longer in charge. I’m anxious to see what some new blood brings to the table.

I think you are reading way too far into it. A few epic employees worked on getting the Unreal engine working on playstation so they tested existing games. Epics main source of revenue was their engine, they wanted that on as many platforms as possible. Epic also kept making concessions on how much money they would take and how quickly in order to make both publishers and developers see the unreal engine as an attractive option. Keep in mind Gears 3 was running on a heavily updated UE3.

I believe Cliff wouldnt have known or cared as it wasn’t his department and would have been done around the time he stopped showing up to work. He was top level management and would have little to nothing to do with day to day testing.

As far as conspiracies go, it doesn’t make much sense for Epic to try to sneakily do a deal with Playstation as they were locked into a deal with MS and were aware Gears was becoming more costly to build for the same or less revenue with each iteration. They wanted to sell the franchise not expand it.

Epic also was the reason Judgment bombed, if you look at the credits for multiplayer you see its all Epic people in charge, yet for some reason PCF gets most of the blame. Quinn Delhoyo and Pete Knepley were the Epic employees.

I am not trying to be rude here but it seems you are just guessing based on the presumption of everyone at Epic who responded is lying and making up a narrative that sounds good to you, in which case evidence won’t change your mind as anything I present you can dismiss as people making it up to hide their true agenda. When I ran a business and we sold out of an item on sale I would have customers accuse me of hiding it out the back until the sale was over so we could make more money. While its definitely true businesses like more money, it wasnt true that I would hide the stock, yet the people accusing me of such would just repeat their accusations because they “knew what really goes on”. Sometimes there really isn’t a hidden agenda.


Unreal engine 3 was built to support windows, xbox 360 and ps3. There was no need to test gears on competition hardware, I’ve never seen nintendo test their IP on any enemy platform, unless designing games specifically for mobile. Epic switched business models when they gave devs the source code and what not for a 5% cut. My point is, regardless of whatever improvements were made for ue3 for gears 3, plenty of games using ue3 were already on ps3.

Love ya buddy, and no offense, but we both “believe” different. I disagree that cliff was in the dark. I might know a bit more about the early days of development than you, idk. He stopped showing up to work mostly cause he was sick of arguing with Rod, the real dude who screwed up gears. Maybe Rod snitched on the PS3 build since he worked for microsoft and the rest is history. There are too many variables to not look deeper into it.

Never said they were. It’s called misdirection. They didnt want to sell gears to sony, they wanted to use fear of loss to pressure microsoft into buying the IP so they could focus on UE3 making them money, UE4 development, and future ip like fortnite which had an insanely long dev cycle but has been more successful than many franchises with multiple games. It’s not a stretch to think they planned this, but again this is just my belief based on the knowledge I have on the individuals in question. It’s probably not good business to admit 10 years later that you tricked a multi billion dollar corporation in order to ascend a super saiyan.

This is an oversimplification. I’m gonna move on.

I guess? You’re reading way too into subtext that is nonexistent. People can say what they want, theres a lot of history you’re dismissing, but I’m not tsk tsking you for it!

Jordan Peterson talks about how when people tell a story about themselves during a discussion, it’s a good sign that they dont really care about you or anything you have to say, and it’s not a good idea to actively engage said person. Just because you dont do it doesnt mean others dont, and I agre it doesn’t mean everyone does either. Evidence in this case is subjective, I dont consider a tweet vindication from suspicion. We could debate this for hours, dude, but I dont think it will accomplish something, and I wont feel any better about convincing you.

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I appeciate the cordial reply and the effort you went to, and I agree, I don’t think either of us will convince the other.

Definitely enjoyed readiing your well thought out replies, and am glad you didn’t take me as being too snarky (can be hard to judge intent on text based platforms).

I do want to clarify that my story was intended to convey that I have had a lot of people tell me they know “the truth” about a situation where they are objectively wrong, and instead of presenting any actual evidence, they just repeat claims about intent that make sense to them, I am happy to be convinced, but I need evidence, otherwise I just dismiss the speculation (rightly or wrongly). I apologise for not being clearer with that, and in hindsight I probably didn’t need to tell the story, just ask you for clear evidence.

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Unreal Engine was the backbone of Epic Games. It wasn’t “enemy” hardware, it was just another client wanting to use your global game engine that practically powered most games last-gen.

They needed to make sure how Unreal works on other hardware, especially the PS3s CELL architecture. The PS3 was notorious for being a pain to develop for, so comlanies like Epic have it in their interest to see how their bread and butter run on everything.

And at the time as was the case most interactions, Gears of War was a technical and hardware showcase for Unreal.


If you ever wanna know what I know, hmu on xbox I’d love to talk in a party and and do the conversation justice. I enjoyed your responses as well, always cool to get into these conversations with people, while some view them as negative but not many people will converse about stuff like this so I love the unique opportunity to gush about my game. I can tell when someone is going out of their way to be negative, that wasnt you, you’re correct to challenge everything, I’m the same, probably why we agree but disagree at the same time lol I love it

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I think you read what I said wrong lol…