Does anyone know the current player count for Gears 5?

Does anyone know the current player count for Gears 5? As I don’t know anyone playing it anymore, so i’m interested in if there is any way of finding out the player statistics ? Purely for curiosity sake.

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Some how some way, TC will say there are more players at the 2 month mark for Gears 5 than there was for any of the other Gears games.


On steam


I didn’t know such a site existed, interesting! Thank you.

I’m from Germany and if I try to play the game outside of the rush hours (5 pm until midnight) it’s very hard to find games. Non-ranked matches will consist mostly of bots and ranked matches take ages, often up to half an hour, to find.


Not many…but whose fault is that?:thinking:

Wait is this accurate though? 387 playing an hour ago? Is it based off a specific region or something? Is it concurrent players on?

I know the game is dead but it can’t be that bad :joy:

I imagine the majority of players got it through game pass for Xbox or bought it outright for that system. Steam’s figures aren’t good for Gears 5 but they’re probably not quite as bad as a whole.


I think it’s 23rd most played on Microsoft’s store list.

TDM and KOTH are easy to find matches in but execution escalation and even guardian are starting to have lower player counts going by how long matchmaking takes-at times these 3 game modes will not connect to a match but it takes like 30 seconds to find ranked tdm and koth

Wow! Farming Simulator 2019 is doing alright given it’s a niche kinda game!

Tbh,finding koth on diamond takes over 20 minutes for me

Yeah lol Im not fortunate enough to have that problem-I’m a solid player but not diamond standard…

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Well perhaps the mm reset will change that:)

I haven’t touched 5 in a while but I usually didn’t have too much issue solo D.

5 stack… Yeah… You’re gonna wait. I think 3 man squad is current sweet spot.

But gears 4 def hard to find matches in high ranks. Certain times of day but otherwise… Meh. I had to wait upwards of 30 for a match in TDM D4 (hope nobody quits…) and then after im warmed up… Cool down for another 20-30 while searching…

Koth is hit or miss when solo D5.

If you have more than one diamond… Oooof.

We’ve been resorting to smurfs lately just to play. Which means player count may be okay, but the problem is the majority playing are between bronze and onyx.

It’s only on steam (pc)

No xbox and Microsoft store gamer …

Gears 5 is lower on the list after 2 months than Gears 4 was after 3 years. What does that tell you TC


Like the gamer tag-I’m a big Alice in chains fan

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Im here on the forums more than I am on the game … I get on the game maybe every 2 or 3 days?? Thats telling you something…


lol i get your point … was implying the fact that i dont have as much interest in playing it anymore to the point im choosing to do other things first…when back since gears one you couldnt pull me away from the xbox… idk kinda miss that desire to play like that for a game