Does anyone know if TC informs you of a player you reported?

tl;dr version - will tc let me know if someone I reported got banned? I’d like to know for the future so I’m not wasting my time.

Played a Gridiron match, got called a cat for capping in a 1v1 fight. Alright bet, so I went pure slayer instead embarrassing them and got called some real nasty offensive stuff. Like 99% of the time this stuff happens I just ignore it bc i really don’t care but I just woke up and it was my first game so I was feeling pretty good.

I was wondering for the people who’ve reported players to TC before do they inform you if that player has been banned or do I just have to hope they get the memo? I’m honestly convinced that TC doesn’t even check tickets at this point and if you get banned its by a bot for using 3rd party programs or something. There should be a bot to detect these really offensive words imo.

Well even if they don’t get banned I still come out on top baby


i reported someone ages ago with screen shots as proof of how toxic they were, i got a reply saying they will keep an eye out for this player.

i later questioned if tc even took interest in my ticket, TCsera advised the wouldnt give this type of info out.

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Could be worse, although this player had me laughing.

The other side of the coin is that people with certain levels of toxicity can keep the playerbase even lower.

My wife didn’t want to play for a few days after the treatment she got from an idiot teammate. I know she’s not the only one.

I understand there are certain levels of trash talk in any game, but there’s a certain level that it can reach that is perfectly reasonable to report IMO.


I just find it hard to believe that I’m the bigger baby than someone calling me racist offensive terms lol.

If Gears would be filled with players like that I’d rather not have them at all.

I’m in another game as I’m writing this, bodying nerds on the daily baby :sunglasses:
get better perspectives homie.

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This honestly.

Like at the start of that match they were just calling me a punk, coward for not fighting the 1v1 and capping the flag. That’s fine man, I enjoy some spicy lobbies but the things they resorted to after that simply because they were losing is pathetic. Literally cannot handle losing lol.

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I find it hilarious when they start trash talking/ t-bagging & end up losing lol

As for the ban purposes, I’ve personally never have gone that far but I’ve definitely seen some nasty stuff in game chat over the years of Gears in general. So wouldn’t mind if they did get banned.

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here you go my friend!

Op u suck

As far as I’m aware, they do ban players who use excessive language, particularly the racist kind that does not have any place in games. Certainly seems to be the case for when Twitter reports of such behavior come through to TC, though it is - apparently - recommended to do such reports through their support site that gets so much attention from them.

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1v1 me dropshots only butterfingers

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you literally use mouse and keyboard you gorilla
I’m a divine princess who only uses controller

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Switching to m&k is a 200 IQ move

Yeah I imagine you need all the IQ you can get :sunglasses:


you know i have nothing but respect for you fam
you’d probably stomp my wig off in a match lol

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Likewise homie. Always a pleasure to play with you

do you wanna play a match now or u busy

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