Does anyone know how the ranking system works?

It seems like sometimes i win a game and i lose points? Also i noticed that calculations are done by round. What are these calculations based off of? If they are factoring in remaining lives for a gametype like TDM I feel like this is actually counter productive to cutting down variance as how many lives remaining your team or the other team has isn’t necessarily predictive of your skill level, but mainly contingent on your teammates and how many deaths they have. Going based on rounds in terms of winning and losing making sense… a win by one round is +X a win by two rounds is +Y but i think it is too hard or just plain in accurate to incorporate team lives or personal performance into rank

Going by team lives i think is something that is only about 1/5th on average in your control. This is a piece of variance that has to be averaged out over time, but i think it is an unnecessary piece of variance that doesn’t really tell you much about your skill unless somehow the system is factoring in deaths too.

If they are incorporating personal performance i think trying to gauge a player’s “winningness” based off of various in-house metrics is a flawed approach. For example, is a revive really worth 50 points exactly? That’s really an arbitrary number when you think about it. Why not 55? or 45? The other day i was lancering an enemy and got the full down by myself until my lancer ran out of bullets on the last shot. Someone finished him off and i get 50 points, he get 100. It’s things like that make hope TC isn’t calculating rank based on points. Either way trying to “play god” and believe that you can come up with a point system, or use stats to cut down on the variance of going by W/L is a dangerous route. W/L may in fact have more variance but overall i think it more completely and accurately encapsulates skill and over longer stretches of games, it is quite literally how good you are at winning a match, anything else just makes the system worse IMO.