Does anyone have V-day Marcus? (Rolling out end of the week - TC)

Yep. Got him. He looks real good. Especially compared to his Gears 3 look.

What did you have to do to unlock v day marcus?

Having played the game last week.

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Just play the game, pvp or pve.

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Got him.

Will I ever use him? Nope

I am too busy using his son! :sweat_smile:

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Bald head JD > Classic JD

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Yup… Nowadays I use his winter skin! :snowflake:

I got V-Day Marcus last night, but still no sad Dom :pleading_face:

What do you mean? Marcus is one of the few characters that doesn’t look like he’s on the juice.
At least, when compared to other characters.

I completely forgot about V-day Marcus, I’ll check when I get home if he got unlocked.

innocently stands on the side as female character player “Just smile and wave and they won’t notice you”

Jokes aside, I get that you mean most of the other male characters(since Gary and Mac don’t have super buff arms).

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Maybe it’s just me, but his head looks too small for his body.


I looked at different Marcus models. Head is the exact same size on say, a Gilded Marcus as on the V-Day variant. Could just be the slimmed down armor that leaves more of the neck visible?

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It probably is something like that.

It just looks off to me.

You mean too small!? :crazy_face:


Not only that, when you pay attention to his arms, they’re cosistent with all his skins. So same head, same arms.

I enjoy 10 seconds ago when I didn’t know this existed.

The COG must have outlawed Wheaties. Never come between a soldier and his Wheaties.