Does Anyone have an ACTUAL Problem with Kait?

I’ve seen the “Kait of War 5” type posts everywhere. Not to mention the thread about it.

But it does make sense, as someone (Sorry bro, forgot your GT) pointed out, it makes sense to tell Kait’s story…from her perspective. Instead of JD’s, like how it was in G4.

So…does anyone have an ACTUAL problem with this? Or do people really hate it just because Kait isn’t a roided-out dude. And before you say it…pure testosterone is not the point/theme of Gears. It’s not exactly necessary.


She pees sitting down


I guess I am just a sexist?

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I am personally excited about her story in gears 5!

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I pee sitting down :smiley: FIGHT ME!!!


On a serious note. I do feel all the new characters are too bland and had the worst introduction for a “macho” franchise that Gears is.
Honestly don’t see any of them being the lead of this franchise.


She’s very whiny. Like prequel Anakin Skywalker. Also she doesn’t do anything interesting in Gow 4. The only thing she’s got going is her mother’s connection to the locust. The swarm went through a great amount of effort to capture Reyna why not Kait.


I have zero issue with her and look forward to playing as her. There’s plenty of non-roided non-macho characters that preceded her. Anya, Sam, Bernie… The only knock against her that I can legitimately come up with is that she seems self-centered. Cares less about the big picture and the resurgence of the Locust threat, and is fixated on her and hers, finding Reyna. Meanwhile, JD had to balance mollifying her need to find Reyna AND find his Dad to better understand and cut off the returning threat which is more of what a main character should focus on.


um… the typical women thing id say is there always so over dramatic and whiny…

let me say i dont have a problem with her being the main character in gears 5


“this isnt about you its about me!” … euuuugh and girls usually always do stupid ■■■■ in movies and games… they let their emotions get to them too much. even in gears 4 she was kinda annoying and whining that they have to find her mommy. i didnt like her personality too much but that might be good because if she turns into the queen i cant wait to mess her up!

its legitametly like they brought your pain in the ■■■ crazy ex gf into the game and shes the main character :joy:

girls are obnoxious in general there bipolar and annoying… (good for banging and having children) but hang out with any girl too much and they get under your skin. i liked all the other female roles in gears but kait seems like a snobby annoying girl.

but regardless i never had one problem with the trailer or anything i think the games gonna be amazing just pointing things out why some may not like a female main character.


Oh mate, you’re going to take some heat for that right there!



It’s just because she’s not a dude. The last guy who was complaining told people not to assume his/her/its gender and said JD looked like an underwear model and the guy before that said not enough testosterone. Do we really need to take these people seriously? I’ll enjoy playing as Kait personally.


I don’t really have a problem with her. Her connection to Myrrah makes the storyline extremely interesting and adds a new dimension to her character. What I did hate was the obvious signaling they did with her in the trailer (“well, “captain”…SCREW YOUR ORDER!”). What military woman would do that to a hulking mountain of a man like JD and think she would get away with it? She practically pulled rank and undressed him in front of his squad. Come on. They tried TOO hard to make her look like a skrong independent womyn.




All I can say is kait turns evil, murders Marcus and hunts down everyone after she finds out Marcus killed her grandma.


Nope. Not at all. I think she kicks ■■■. Jihn, on the other hand, needs to be dealt with.

As long as we don’t see Marcus drinking blue milk straight from a Swarmak’s Teet, the story won’t be as bad as everyone is speculating.




I just think her voice and personality is annoying, but it’s not a deal breaker.


I just dont really like any of the new characters. But beanie wearing, teenie bopper Kait was probably my least favorite. She simply cant lead like Marcus Fenix did.