Does anyone else want the return of rolling lobbies per game type?

Gears 1-3 had it spot on so you could play your fav game mode (in my case KOTH) and stay in a lobby with the same group of players for those rematch and grudge match sessions.

Being given the choice for rolling lobbies for all game modes combined in social or booting players after each game in ranked in my opinion always sucked.

We already have competitive playlists for those who want to play with full teams, take their stats seriously etc so can we just have rolling lobbies for specific game modes??

Who do I have to tweet at The Coalition cos I have a feelin Gears 5 lobbies are just gonna be the same (sh*tty) ones as 4 :frowning:

I don’t really like playing the players over and over.

With the population boom, I’d rather face as many different people as possible.


Yea, I quit Gears 4 a few months ago when I was just fighting the same people night after night because the population was low. I definitely don’t want to be with the same people, lobby after lobby, in a toxic game like this. People get too emotional. Give me fresh matches.

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Once it’s one group v another group,

It gets toxic very fast.

And the same people, doing the same thing.

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I always respect the opinion of others but I’d have to disagree. I like the way Gears 4 did it. In the case your talking about the same team, rematch sessions got ugly fast. All game modes combined gives Gears a bigger player search giving you better options. To add to it, not gonna lie I think your gonna be disappointed with Gears 5 since I’m sure it’s going to be similar.

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Yeh that’s fine but that’s when you just leave and find another lobby. At least that’s what I would do…

I mean… we’ve all been in games were it was 10 great players, playing to the objective, team talking, the whole nine only to follow that game up with a team of noobs, who play off objective and generally bring the skill/enjoyment level down to ground zero…

Off course you’d get some one sided rooms but again, those I’d just leave… at least give us the option to stay if we choose to… Not to mention waiting time between games is reduced and map rotation is more consistent…The games would stay fresh as players swapped in and out…

I don’t see the downside??

Then there should be a rematch option.

Perhaps each party leader can accept the challenge and bring his squad with him.

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If I remember correctly Gears 3 ranked lobbies weren’t rolling lobbies. And Gears 4 Social lobbies are rolling lobbies. You really can’t have a rolling ranked lobby and I really enjoy a solid ranked match. I do think the rematch option would be nice. The losing team can choose to initiate a rematch and the winning team gets the option to accept or decline.

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The main thing I want to see return is rolling lobbies by game time which Gears 3 had albiet non ranked and Gears 4 has but not by game type. Wether it’s ranked or not means nothing to me.,

Besides, what good is a ranked mode when if someone quits, the rest of the match is a throwaway?

I guess a rematch option is the the only idea you guys are cool with which I’d be okay with… better than nothing I guess. Said that, I won’t hold my breath that Gears 5 will implement it.

I like this idea

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