Does anyone else genuinely just really like gears 5?

I guess I’m alone when I say I really like gears 5 and besides some bugs and ping and store stuff I hope they leave everything as is. I’m prob alone here as everyone seems to hate it.


I enjoy it … I did the campaign as co-op with my Brother then solo’d it to clean up the collectables and jack upgrades, we both do Horde together most of the time, Occasional PVE for daily’s … At 59 years old I know I cant do PvP as I cant mash keys fast enough versus the kids who play this … but yeah I enjoy it


Meh it’s ok.

Its a good game but a ■■■■ gears game


I like it. It’s not perfect but it doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets. Horde is great. Escape is great. My only real complaint is the guns do too much damage. The fun of this series was in extended fights and out maneuvering your opponent. That doesn’t really exist in this game since the guns do so much damage. Buuuut there are still plenty of fun parts of the game.

I love seeing people declare the franchise dead over micro transactions. I don’t like them either but like…just don’t buy them. There’s plenty of free content through ToD with more to come.

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Dunno y this is only game that gets my blood boiling and my dog seams scared and confused but am talking about rank versus. When my ping is 20-50 everything is good but when it goes to 60-150 the game is unplayable

I like escape a lot, horde im ok with even after the changes, the campaign is ok but the changes to MP are my biggest issue.

I suppose gears 5 will just have to end up being a horde/escape game for me unless they tune the MP back to where i would prefer it.

In general, yes.

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I like it, makes for a good frisbee.


It has potential if they revert the omen and return executions to Y.

…and fix my Hammerburst.

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Campaign was good. I’m a pvp player through 1-5 and to be honest I have 2 major issues spoiling this gears a bit for me. 1-the terrible pings on certain ranked game modes. Anything over 100 just isn’t enjoyable.2- I don’t like the aim assist on this gears. I have missed headshots a few times with the long shot and still got the kills which has felt scripted and cheap. I know the aim assist is removed for escalation so I could stay on it but every game on escalation is 130ping for some reason. I guess less people play it compared to ranked tdm or Koth so everybody America and Europe gets dumped into matchmaking and you either get destroyed or a really easy win depending on who gets the home server.Escape isn’t great-there’s nothing wrong with it but I mean it’s so basic it’s not worth taking seriously. I think overall there is the bones of a good game here and once everything has settled it will be good, I just hope they hold the player base long enough.

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I been playing the shitz out of it.


I like it, but I’m probably getting to the end of my rope with the game unless ranked and matchmaking get fixed in the immediate future. No matter how much you like the core gameplay, there’s only so much banging your head against a wall with broken systems you can do before you can’t go anymore.


Yes despite the bugs and imbalances, I’m having a whale of a time in Horde as usual.

love horde,need to play escape/campaign,(Watched my son play campaign/escape)Liked em.but once all the bugs have been sorted,I will love this game even more👍

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Yep I’ve mentioned this before in other threads. I think this is a great game.

Superb game - totally hooked, TC has done a tremendous job and I will still be here in 2-3 years time till the next one.

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Nope. Simply dont like it. Hoping updates sort alot of the issues on MP and will come bacl to it in time. Cant be bothered woth my tour and not willing to spend real money on anything else. Do like the campaign though. Nice to see some variety.

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I like it!
Its not flawless, but having so much fun