Does anyone else feel like the Gnasher is easier to aim with aim assist off?

I’ll be honest, I was very nervous about switching aim assist off at first, but via peer pressure from the likes of @ll_R_E_D_l, @o_GH0UL_o, @TSU_Silent, and @xx_Echoes, I ended up turning it off, and was surprised by the fact that I actually aimed BETTER than before, and my shots seemed to be way more consistent. The shotty is a lot smoother to maneuver, and 1v2-3-4s are more doable than before, given that the aim assist doesn’t try and lock on one particular enemy.
Also, I like being a ■■■■ and going into global chat after I get MVP and saying "I don’t have aim assist":joy:

Now, there are a couple drawbacks-

  1. It is a lot harder to get downs with the Lancer. Personally, i’ve found the snub to be a much more accurate secondary, given that it has less of a recoil (though the lancer’s recoil is already fairly nerfed). Also, Hammerburst is still fairly accurate, and can get downs and kills in one clip.

  2. Harder to get head-shots with snipe. Now, although it is harder, its not impossible. I’d say the longshot is still easier than it was in Gears 4

  3. Boltok, Embar, and Markza are impossible. Now, this is probably because I always had garbage aim with these weapons, but I can’t do any damage with aim assist off. Pointless pickups.

  4. Still getting the “Pulls-trigger-and-nothing-happens” BS, though it seems to be less frequent. Not sure how many other people have been getting that.



This literally never happens. @ll_R_E_D_l, come get yo liar of a boi.

Honestly though, never tried it. Maybe I should.


Something I’d like to know from TC is what this toggle turns off. I’d gladly get rid of their “adhesion” feature occasionally pulling my reticle towards a moving enemy when I’m trying to line up a precise shot on a stationary one but as a controller player, I would prefer to not turn all of it off outright. If I was playing on PC with a mouse I doubt I’d care if all of it was off, but on a controller? Not so sure.


How do you primarily use the gnasher to begin with - pop shotting, hard aiming, or hip firing?

Personally I’m almost always hip firing unless someone is pushing me and I can get a good hard aim or pop shot angle. I tried turning off aim assist for a bit and found it didn’t make much of a difference for my gnasher gameplay but, like you, severely hindered any rifle or sniper gameplay.

So now I just keep it on regardless since I tend to have to do most of the lancering in KOTH matches (since my rando teammates don’t think it’s a necessary part of the game).

P.S the random no shots after pulling trigger thing tends to have a correlation with the stability of other people’s connections from my experience.

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Usually pop shots or hip firing. Like you said, depends on the situation.

Here is a couple of examples…sorry, haven’t had time to edit them fully…

Well I mean I was skeptical during that one round being told about it but afterwards it actually seems a little better to me now that I’m not slowing down so I am getting back the speed I need that of which is Key

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I think it feels smoother with the aim assist off and I can more accurately place my shots. But I don’t get that heat seeking missile that blows people up that are already around corners though so I usually leave it on. If everyone turned it off the game would be a lot more fun.

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I just get a “System Error” when I go through any of the links, guess Xbox live is having issues :man_shrugging:

Bottom line if it feels better for ya might as well keep using it. Eventually the lancer and pick up weapons will start to feel better after more practice.

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100% agree on the gnasher feeling way better with aim assist off.
Shots tend to hit the right target when multiple opponents are in front of it, not split pellets between targets. Point blanks seem much more reliable.
I find it frees me up to move more as the shots tend to line up with the gun with more consistency.

I still however see it moving shots a bit further left or right to hit misses and the odd ‘he was way past me kill’. So like others in the thread I’d really like to know what’s off and on now from tc’s aim assist suite.

One bad thing I’ve noticed is that I’m able to fire mid animation alot more frequently. Which gets me the occasional stupid kill, but usually just makes the gun fire in a completely unhelpful direction.

Rifles and power weapons are a bit harder to hit with, but as I rarely resort to them I dont notice it much.

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I tried turning it off. It didnt feel much different to me so I turned it back on. Granted i didnt try it for long.

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Um. NO

Lemme see if I can flex here…

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If you rely on auto aim assist then your legit trash


Those were some good clips, good job! Noticed you were 95% hip firing so really if aim is on or off doesn’t matter in those situations. If it makes things feel smoother or more consistent overall then keep it off :+1:

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Thank you!

Hmmmm good point. Not sure why, still feels smoother hip firing. Guess it’s just me lol.
Hard aim is definitely faster tho

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Does aim assist even occur when blindfiring?

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Auto aim is awful, I was glad they gave a toggle switch. Rhat threw my shots big time as someone ran by or there was a group. Games a lot better without it.

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no, it’s the same for me, i play on pc with controller and no changes

I tried it for a week, playing ffa I will generally finish in the top 3 or 4 with it on, but off more like 7th so game is easier with it on. This may not be just gnasher although I get most of my kills with it.