Does anyone else enjoy the Adaptive Maps?

Can’t think of another word for them, so “Adaptive Maps,” is the best I can do.

And by that I mean Reclaimed Windflare, Flood, Avalanche, Overpass & Aftermath (Kinda), or just maps with a big change either halfway through or something?

I think the Escape-Venom gas would be cool for a Flood style map. Always felt like it was the best Gears 2 map for Horde, just because it felt like you were forced to fall back to the highest point while facing off the Horde.

Oh–or how about a Venom-based map where you have raised lookouts in the corners of the map or something, like the 5th side of a dice. So the Venom floods in momentarily and you have to fight for the high ground.

I know these maps can get annoying when playing competitively, makes it distracting, etc. But I always found them fun, especially in Core/Social, or just Horde.
I think this is why a majority of the Maps I had on my wishlist for Gears 5 things, had elements that moved about. (Old Gears 5 Ideas)

Anyways–this was a poorly constructed rant attempting to spark debate/conversation.

Static Maps? Or Adaptive?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


Interactive or dynamic maps I think are commonly used terms. I loved Avalanche back in the Gears 2 days, tons of good memories there.


Yeah same here. But honestly was surprised that they brought it back. Equally surprised with how well I remembered the layout after all these years.


Adaptive Maps that aren’t Reclaimed Windflare are good :+1:


I don’t mind them…

Well, except for Harbor Haze in Horde. I despise that fog, more so when enemies always know where you are even if their vision is completely obstructed.


Maybe they can just smell you :sweat_smile:


From halfway across the map? I doubt it. I take care of my hygiene well enough for that to not be possible.

Joking aside, I do wish PvE enemies in Gears would be less robotic and actually only react to you if they saw you.


The distance of a map is literally nothing to some animals.

The Swarm could have a heightened sense of smell :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

AI is definitely a space where game developers can improve the experience overall.


Absolutely. Halo managed to do, at least in my experience, pretty decent AI for years now. They won’t attack unless they have seen you, or gotten alerted by other enemies that saw you. They’ll also eventually “lose interest”, so to speak, in other games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, to name one example.

I don’t mind them…except when the adaptive versions of existing in-game maps are sold to us as part of a season pass.


I like them as long as they’re practical and don’t hinder gameplay aka reclaimed windflare. Honestly if it was just the lightening without the wind it would have been okay.

Maps like Security, Forge, Bullet Marsh, thrashball, Lift Apex etc that have a level of player control,which determines the change in the map are great though and often adds another level of strategy/area denial to benefit your team.

Well that’s true, but I just enjoy Flood/Reclaimed Windflare for the chaos of it all. At the turn of a dime you’re forced to adapt and face through the effect in order to stay on top. Adds an extra challenge.

But it’s also why I acknowledged it’s probably not so great for competitive players.

The dynamic maps are always my favorite. If I had my way, every map would have some kind of dynamic element. Like even the fire alarms and the useless fire hydrant thing you could get on Checkout, which didn’t truly affect gameplay at all, still added some fun to it. I’d hoping to see more of that kind of thing in the other Gears 5 maps.

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Same here. Attention to detail. I think this is what separates Gears 3 maps from 4. I can think of a few 4 maps that have something going on.

I can only think of two or three maps from 3 that don’t have anything going on, no matter how small.

Considering we’re getting these varied environments in Gears 5 I wouldn’t be surprised to see something on the likes of a snow or dust storm being incorporated into a map, or at least as background scenery. Hm… thinking of this, we’re probably going to see a jungle as well. So why not have like a thunderstorm overhead during the battle? Perhaps not necessarily affecting gameplay. Just some visual stuff, maybe audio.

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Is gridlock coming back ?

Hail was a really hood map!

Also Highway was great with the rising imulsion (I think that was the maps name)?

Tell that to the people that downvoted my reddit response on a more organic approach to campaign. I’m gonna give a bit here as it doesn’t exist any more. I just deleted it. Reddit is atrocious.

Anyway. Basically I just said they should make difficulty be a part of the game by default. Not have fixed settings that are the cliché video game settings.

No “easy/medium/hard” .
Make the game have situations like Judgment’s declassified missions but have them be required. Not the left for dead waiting rooms between segments either that was bad. I just mean the Locust were smart in lore and the gameplay had them be smoke twirling statues and peekaboo champions. And also auto targeting little b-…you get my point.

The declassified missions had areas be fortified with extra Locust turrets and barricades, nade traps and ambushes, fog and poisonous defense systems, That’s how they act in lore, so it’s really immersive. Judgment had players being forced to scavenge for ammo, making beach landings that felt tense and realistic. Sometimes you’d get stuck with a cleaver or sawed off. Strong Wind was affecting weapons. But. Why. Were. These. Optional!

Ammo scarcity could be subtle. You would have to pick up guns if you ran out of what you had. If they want us to use only certain weapons in an area to ramp up difficulty don’t magically replace the weapons in my hands with a pistol and a shield. Have me fight an enemy with certain weapons and need to fight creatively. The berserker fight in Raam’s Shadow was a good example. We can’t use the hammer of dawn? Let me start car fires or rupture gas lines and cause explosions. That’s innovative in a Gears game.

This was a bit disorganized but I’m on mobile.

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Nah that was Flood. Highway was similar to Ruins in the way it looked. It had a symmetrical layout with a high and low side with dual sniper spawns at the bottom. It was one of my faves.


What map in gears 4 featured a flooding water effect i don’t remember see ing that one yet?There may be a few maps i haven’t tried yet.