Does anyone actually like the embar rifle?

I’m honestly really bummed to see it return. I personally just dont like it, I dont really like any of these “new” weapons .

Drop shot is stupid, just give us back the digger or something.


Yes, it’s a good enough weapon.

I like the ability for Multi-Kills.

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I love the EMBAR. I’d marry it if it was legally allowed.


Drop shot is one of my favorite weapons… When you headshot with it, the sound it makes is kinda orgasmic… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Though I liked it, I didn’t want to it see return. These days, games often give you great weapon variety. Bummed that Gears 5 reused so many from the last game.

Embar rifle is great and I like it a lot

For me it’s one of my favs alongside with Markza

Love the Embar and dropshot

Helps me a lot on horde,When the lobby’s was full☺️

EMBAR and Dropshot are my favourites. The Digger was just total crap, only when that thing was ripping through a victims body it was funny.

I like both EMBAR and Dropshot since they are the best in-class when it comes to Sniper and Heavy.

My only problem is how Dropshot is so powerful, that Boomshot is also so weak to use in high difficulty Horde.

In Versus, both weapons are easy to use anyway.


I now pronounce you man and rifle.


The only thing I don’t like about Embar is how it’s just overall better than Longshot. 3 shots, penetrating power, body shots can gib if they have even a smidge of damage, and body shots that don’t gib will stun you. Longshot has… a better scope. That’s it. You could argue it doesn’t need to charge but the charge time is so quick it’s really not even a factor.

Remove the zoom function and the stun effect from Embar. Give Longshot a stun effect on active body shots. Then they would be more equal.

I can see the argument that Dropshot > Boomshot for Horde because Dropshot can insta-kill with a headshot.

But Boomshot is and has always been the best weapon in versus. It’s so far above every other weapon that when it’s on the map you ALWAYS have to make plays for it. No other weapon carries that kind of weight in a match.

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I like them both. Though I’m better with a embar lol.
Not over excited that the embar is in 5 though. Would have preferred something new

Wow I completely forgot about the digger. What fun that one was. You’re right about the embar. Only time I like it is when I get a kill using it. Definitely not my first choice.

I like the dropshot and the overkill bur I am not a fan or the embar, I prefer the longshot, and torque bow.

I hate the dropshot its a total POS. worst power weapon in versus after the hammerburst lmfao.
Embar is fine, its just a little too easy to use/op.
Overkill is ridiculous OP but just not fun to use at all

I love the EMBAR and Dropshot. The one thing Gears of War 4 really has going for it is its new weapons. It easily beats 2 and 3 for weapon additions to the franchise as far as I’m concerned.


Embar and Dropshot are Love on first sight for me, so do not discriminate them :joy:

I actually like it ! And im a big fan of overkill too ! the concept of it, not the damage tune …