Does anyone actually like GoW4 Social Match system?

Just curious if anyone actually enjoys the Social Match rotation chance of different game modes. I Personally don’t mind TDM, Guardian and Dodgeball but don’t like KOTH and Arms Race. I think the GoW3 system was nice.


I prefer koth because its practically the game out in all, no worries about lives or anything just kill & grab the hill but the other game modes are fun for what they are but I feel like they should do more than three options per round because it usually ends up being the same game mode different map for a while.

I don’t care for this system. I just want to have tdm with rolling lobbies and hate having to back out when there’s a vote for the next tdm game from me and say only 2 people vote to overthrow my vote on a stupid arms race match.

I wish they’d go back to how it was with Gears 3.


It needs work. I don’t like how the lazy answer to avoiding a five stack in social is to simply limit parties to two people. Or at least, that’s how it comes off as.

I personally don’t care about getting stacked against in Social Quickplay. It’s Social. Nothing really matters, and since I also don’t care for ranked, it’s perfectly fine with me if I have to quit a match or two to find a match that isn’t completely being dominated by the other team (and that happens sometimes anyway).

I also wish they would put separate hoppers in for each gametype. I absolutely loathe everything that isn’t KoTH. I’ll play TDM or Dodgeball and put up with it but I hate sharing life pools or depending on another player for respawn or single-life gamemodes.

If I could have an unrestricted party limit hopper that was esentially KoTH 24/7 I’d be fine with that. I don’t see the issue with variety which is something that games these days seem to lack in many aspects.

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I’d certainly prefer it if we could pick the modes we want to play.

I also dislike that half the time, people vote for the same mode on the same map we just did over and over again.

I like to mix it up, you know?


See…I Just played a KOTH and I realized why I don’t like it (When I’m losing especially.) I Wouldn’t mind this problem if the teams were equal in skill but for the most part if the other team simply out ranks yours, every attempt to capture the hill will feel like a 1v5. Can’t count how often I push hill alone and kill 1 person just to be bodied by the next.

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I prefer social. I dont even touch core and ranked.

I used to be this way. I have almost 2k social wins and more than 25k kills in social alone (I know, this doesn’t mean anything but just to gauge how much ive played over the last 2 years). Then I just got tired of playing split-screen noobs and bots all the time because you rarely see a full lobby in more than 1 consecutive match- Social matchmaking seems like you would start out with a full lobby and over a few games, people would quit out and nobody would join so when it gets to full bots, youd have to leave and start over. So ive been playin more core lately, its more of my level (between Onyx 3- Diamond 1) on a few of the playlists that I enjoy. Don’t really play Comp because im not crazy about Escalation and Execution but I do enjoy watching the pros play it on Esports.

I don’t mind the mode but, TBH, it’s the players I don’t like. Social seems to have 2 types of players ; noobs (who are cool in my book) and insecure tryhards who go into social to bully noobs, tbag, and they quit when they start to lose. Honestly, I’m glad these types have a place to go because I don’t like seeing people like that in ranked.

People occasionally invite me to social but it just feels like bullying and the victories aren’t very satisfying. Comp warmup tends to be a much better group of players, though you often end up with too many bots.

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I prefer the old style of quick match rolling lobbies.

its my most hated aspect of this game that i cant just get into a match of koth quickly with 2 rounds, the ability to change character or team after the match and play for 3 hours straight. Instead i spend 4 minutes finding a lobby that has someone who will inevitably quit and make the game unbalanced for everyone else and once thats done i can repeat the whole process again.


I don’t like the random choice of mode so I don’t play social at all. I just go directly to core KOTH or Escalation

You speak the truth here. Far as a player I’m always letting my core teammates down so I just don’t bother with it often. Not to mention being a PC player core matches take forever to find.

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Strongly disagree with how it was in gears 3 it only split the playerbase.

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I’m a VS noob for sure. Never been good at VS on gears. Maybe #2 I was not horrible, but I enjoy social once in a while. Players don’t like getting lancer-sawed it seems. :sweat:

In this point of view no, I only find it annoying to be able to run with 4 friends a social verses, leaving this option only for rank matches. This is annoying because I always have lag and I still suffer penalty for falling out of the room due to the excessive lag. They have escaped or faked that they have forgotten that not everyone lives in the United States. Where you have good servers.

Yes and no. I don’t mind playing all VS modes and never really had a preference to a certain mode but (Speaking for myself) players seem to want to go back to the same mode (mostly TDM OR KOTH) on the same map and rinse and repeat so in that aspect I don’t like it. I do get to enjoy the other modes at times but not as much as I would like because of the rinse and repeat.

Are you playing with a mic and communicating with your team?

I only played social when early access to new maps, other than that only ranked. I also like the Gears 3 system better than this one. I could care less for anything other than TDM or Koth.

I used to do that A lot in gears 3 when I had an xbox but I feel like now and days most people keep to themselves. This could just be me not having a console because the xbox app is SOOOOO bad…

I think it’s intended to be a quick way to get you in a game. If you chose your own game mode then matches would probably have more bots I would guess.

Not familiar with gears 3 system but I think the social system is fine.

I used to play it to warm up before ranked matches but since I stopped caring about rank I just jump straight in.