Does anyone actually enjoy FFA?

I’m being serious about this. Who actually enjoys the FFA game mode?
For starters, it takes forever to find a match, or I give up on finding one.
Whenever I do get a game, it’s full of extremely sweaty people.
Ever since the movement speed was increased, its become more unbearable
The power weapons seem excessive (i.e. breaker mace, boomshot, frag grenades all in the same map +more)
It’s just a huge gnasher fight since every map is super tightly packed
And why is it 14 player anyways? Most games that do FFA do like 8 or 10 player.

I’m complaining about this because in its current state, I’m never gonna get what would seemingly be an easy challenge of “finish 1st 5 times in FFA”
And no, I’m not a bad gears player, most time in normal games, I’m first or second on my team, or overall, but in FFA, it’s just utter mayhem and not in the fun way.


I actually ended up with a full match 1v1 lol


I was enjoying it for a while, i played yesteday afternoon it took 8 minutes to find a match that launched with 8 players. And then you had 2 people camped out on the high ground on nethercut “working togather” to probally get that meadal . I was after the 5 wins myself so i knew exactly what they were playing at, call me sour but i repoted the pair of them. You can blame the stupid medal set up for these sort of exploits , in TOD 1 it was jd spamming Gl’s wasting energy out of the fabricator and AFK Jack as i saw time and time again before you could kick. Tc really need to think some more about how people will try to take the shortcut.

I don’t enjoy it. I was no fan when it was in J. I wanted Breakthrough back. :slight_smile:


When I can get a match, yes. For whatever reason I haven’t had much success getting a match during the evenings lately.

I just go to custom lobbies if I really still feel like playing. Bonus is usually there’s no aim assist, breaker mace and non precision weapon pick ups,

The breaker mace has overstayed it’s welcome (in it’s current state at least) in Gears period.

FFA will and always has been centered around the gnasher, especially with downs returning to the mode.

I don’t mind the games being sweaty either, I find almost every vs mode in Gears like that anyway.

If you’re having troubles completing the medal, I could understand that. I wish they’d just let players earn the medal (and others) and custom games so it isn’t an issue.

Not enough people playing this game for a FFA and all these types of modes. Maybe if the game didn’t fail we would be able to enjoy something like this.

For me personally it’s the maps. The maps are bland and every room looks the same. I feel too confined. It’s a chore to play.


Or better yet…

Does anyone actually enjoy Gears 5?


This 100%


iz y

You reported them for playing in a different style to how you play… are you that much of a cry baby in the rest of your life too?

It works for me. The weapon swaps are fun. The rest of the game is actually so bad that it makes ffa particularly important.

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FFA is great for solo runs without having to be sweaty in ranked.


Yeah, I enjoy it. I don’t have a problem finding matches and I know I won’t win, so I just play to have fun and not have to worry about teammates. I won’t get the medal and I’m ok with that.

Why does FFA, a new mode, bring out the most sweats? I could play any other mode and be top two consistently. Other modes at usually full of regular players where you don’t need to do anything special to compete. When I play FFA it’s full of players with heightened reflexes using wall bouncing and advanced pro techniques. I’m in the bottom half and go negative or barely break even every time. It’s frustrating. I’ll never complete the Onyx set at this rate. TC should really let us do the mode vs bots for practice or something.


I never really liked it, i appreciated the map i played in ffa though.

That actually happened to me, but only once. It’s the only 1st place I have, but me and the other guy just hoarded the power weapons, so wasnt even a true fight

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Yeah me and the other guy fought over nades and the torque bow lol

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Sadly Op.Enjoyed this mode til Xmas 2019,couldn’t hit any gears heads due to the ping,sadly that it’s why I avoid this mode.,No disrespect to others who enjoy this mode + other(s)

Will never get that sniper set… players are too good in FFA mode… I completed all others but FFA…

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No, too hectic for me. Don’t mind having a few good Gnashers 1 on 1s or 2 on 1s but it soon becomes a ■■■■■■■■■■■.
Maps are boring and escape tiles so I don’t like spending time there. Give me some outdoor Judgment style maps. Yes its bad when you bring up judgement for reference of a better thing.

Give me Wingman any-day over FFA

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