Does anybody play with the Multiplayer Hud off

I like to playIng Horde with the Multiplayer Hud off because I can’t stand all the clutter (map etc.) the makers of the game (who’s name will remain nameless ha ha) put on my tv screen when playing horde. So what an amazing option to remove all of that clutter (Multiplayer Hud off)
thank God all is well.

O wait I CANT AIM MY GUN, (because when turning the Multiplayer Hud off it also turns off your crosshair so it’s much harder to aim your gun) I JUST WANT TO AIM MY GUN PLEASE . Why is there no option in a Gears game where you can turn your crosshair ON or OFF? It’s seems so easy.

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That is a pretty rubbish oversight.
Good luck on getting a reply though, best bet is twatter or reddit. The forums are not TC’s usual way of communicating or replying.

Have you played with the multiplayer hud off before?

Not tried it yet on G5, so disappointed to hear that it is a bit wonky, but I have played without hud in a lot of games.
TBH some games do turn the crosshairs off too, but rarely is it off in hard aim (which I assume you are referring to).

I just always Really wanted a crosshair to aim with without all that other stuff (map etc.) they put on the screen in horde. I wish you could get the screen to look like the screen looks when your playing the campaign.

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No one at TC yet seems to have thought letting players customize their HUD instead of providing a barebones “HUD off” option that removes everything, even though I saw it being suggested during Gears 4s lifetime. Horizon Zero Dawn has a great customizable HUD that lets you choose whether you want elements to be dynamic, permanently displayed or off all the time. Devs could use it as an inspiration. Weapon reticle, ammo HUD, quest/path indicators, health bar, directional indicator, you name it. There is practically nothing you can’t set to dynamically disappear or be permanently off.

The only potential thing in the way of this might be that it could take a lot of work to implement.


This original post is hilarious

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I know they have added things to turn On or Off in the options before.
Just Never an opinion to turn the crosshair On or Off

I honestly wish I could turn off the ultimate prompt when I turn the HUD off.

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pretty sure a lot of my teammates do, they must be!

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I wish you could as well