¿Does anybody ok with this ripped off skins sets sale?

So today I saw the the shop.
And a new skin “set” was there it’s a black matte theme one.
Kinda like it, it’s a pain that I can only get it by paying cash but ok. A few points here :

Riffle “pack”:
I’m a player that enjoy using all weapons, and I mean it ALL of them.I don’t get why you put this thing of “riffle pack,power pack and pistol pack” in first place, I know it’s all about money money and money but c’mon, do I have to wait one or two weeks to complete my set?
So, ¿even the normal skins will be sell by this kind of system?
(Not Esports)

Price: 500 iron, ok this is a joke.
Price meaby is not so expensive compared to other things on shop,but again, there are only 5 weapons in there, so if power weapons and the rest of skins will be in another two packs, thats a total of fully 1500 iron.

¿Around 14 bucks for a complete NORMAL set?
¿Are you serious?
It’s only a fully paint black weapon,

The reason I’m doing this tread it’s because we must not forget that this is a product, and as costumers we have the right to demand quality and price.
So, if you are gonna say things like “it’s just cosmetics” bla bla bla your clearly not getting my point.

once i saw they weren’t selling them all together i gave up on it, not gonna buy unless it is a full set that i really like

those skins should be in the loot pool. then bundle them all together if you want to buy them for $2-$5

these insane prices of $15 for ONE character skin is insulting. I’ll take my money to PSN/XBL/Steam and buy a full game instead with that.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is $12
Persona 5 is $16


Need to send them a clear message and not buy them at this price. I mean I probably won’t buy anything at any price as I don’t see the point. But if people don’t pay their prices they’ll have to reduce them surely

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Someone will. Someone always will. Play ESO once, see how many people are trotting around on $20 mounts that functionally behave exactly the same as a starter mount.

There are people out there that say
“Can’t do anything, it’s the way that is”

Plenty WRONG


¿What did they try to do?
Selling necessarely with Kinect bundle , no second
use disc, permanently connection to internet etc etc.
An absolutely mess, and people get angry, they tough they can get away with such an Abusive things.

A few months later, after the sales they forced to get back, and the guy on charge get fired.

I must say yet again as costumers we have plenty right to demand a middle land between quality and price, I won’t expect everything for free but a system to support my favorite franchise without being striped off…

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