Does anybody find it ironic that

TC removed the Up-A speed boost because people were complaining about how cheap is it to do but also increased the Gnasher one shot range making it easier than ever to Up-A someone from distance, seems pretty counter productive to me.

Just made the game feel like you’re holding a mulcher all the time and made the original problem worse. Oh TC…


The only thing I find ironic is your clickbait thread titles.


True that. These types of threads get instant downvotes if possible.

You from reddit?

Just use Nineteenth’s post as a Downvote.


Yeah, I use Reddit. Small world I guess.

That’s what I did.

The only good thing in this update is that Cole can face punch.

The bad thing about doing updates and changing stuff… Is that they don’t seem to test and reflect over thier changes. Its total chaos so the testing ends up in being only crash and critical bugs.