Does anybody else miss the gnasher duels in multiplayer matches?

Despite the fact I have enjoyed Gears 5 multiplayer, I still have some mixed feelings about it. Gears 3 was my favourite game in the franchise multiplayer wise because how each encounter went. It was all about you and your gnasher (with power weapons included too of course), and if anyone started spamming you with the lancer they would be catalogued as noobs. Nowadays it seems to be different, everyone just camps using the lancer (especially in TDM matches) and if you even dare to try and pull some wall bouncing techniques to kill them with your gnasher you just get downed by all of them because everyone just uses the lancer. It is a shame really. They should add ranked playlists where the only guns you have are your gnasher, your pistol and your grenades and of course power weapons too. This way I feel like old school fans will enjoy the multiplayer more, and it will keep both of the player base happy.

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2v2 gnashers?

For the love of god, I hate boxes. They need 2v2 with real maps.

Yes nowadays the gnasher players are considered NOOBS since they use outdated techniques(wall canceling, rushing).
How does it feel to be on the bottom of the food chain?

Gnasher only KOTH shows how terrible the gnasher and movement are in this game. I don’t even like to play versus in this game cause it’s just bad. It’s sad that I play escape more

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Mhhh not really ‘bottom of the food chain’ simply more newcomers have arrived and have blurred out the lines between skill and only camping in one spot with active reload. No skill needed to do that

Ok understood