Does anybody else have this problem? Please lend a hand

I could really use some help here.

I have had Gears 5 for maybe a little over a week now. I have yet to play a single multiplayer game. The co-op campaign works just fine, other than the bugs here and there.

Every single time I have tried to load into a multiplayer game, whether it’s horde, versus or escape, the game gets stuck at the map screen (as shown in the image). I can hear other’s battling but I don’t load in. It stays at that screen until I get kicked from the game.
I have gone through many pages and posts searching for people that have this specific problem but I only found one or two people and both were ignored. I have a problem I found a few people have where Gears 5 DISCONNECTS MY INTERNET from my PC after sitting at the stuck screen and I have to reset my wifi. I HAVE THIS PROBLEM ON BOTH XBOX AND PC!

I game on a wifi hot spot, I’m aware of the boxes at the bottom right of the screen. That didn’t impact my gameplay at all in Gears 4 I don’t see why it would in Gears 5. My ping is normally between 40-50. I can play every multiplayer game you can think of just fine. I’m just dying to try out the game’s multiplayer as I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise since 2007 and have poured many hours into all previous Gears games.

Never had this problem. I’d message TC about this and while I’m waiting for a reply I’d uninstall the game and reinstall it to see if it fixes it.

I installed it on xbox after a week of this problem on pc. It does the same exact thing on xbox. makes me think it’s a connection issue on my end, but I dont know, because every game works just fine online, including Gears 4, 3 , 2 and 1. I submitted a ticket to TC and the auto response email said my estimated wait time for a response from TC would be “Greater than 20 days, not including holidays or weekends.” Thinking about just giving up on this game and moving on. The franchises prime years are gone anyways.

Yeah you are 100% right about the prime days of this franchise being over. They ended the day judgement was released. 4 was ok and 5 could still get the fixes to make it ok but the franchise will never return to the glory days of the original trilogy. I’m actually on death stranding for a week or two but I will definitely be back on gears-I’m very tempted to play 3 again

Have you checked your NAT. Seems to be strict.

This kind of issue did occur for me in the first days… But i was hosting private games only to be stuck in the loading screen you show. Having 9 people playing… While I the host could only hear in-game sound, I did not have any problems with my NAT because its open. But I know people that will get strict NAT after watching Netflix or having WIFI.

Yes, the NAT is strict and there is no way to change it with this specific hot spot. Literally every game online works just fine, its just Gears 5 giving me this problem . So, if this problem is caused by strict NAT, and there is no way around it, then I should just toss this game out? TC wont get back to me in more than a month according to their estimated wait time.

There’s not many games that are allowed to be played when NAT is set to strict. Can you check with the Internet provider if they can allow games not to be strict. I know Internet providers can allow certain games. Usually it’s FIFA games.

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Ive been gaming online for about 4 years now with this strict NAT type lmao. Fort, COD, Gears, Halo, PUBG, all MMOs, NBA 2K, Destiny, Madden, fighting games like MK, MVC, DBFZ, I mean the list could go on and on. Gears 5 is the first game to literally keep me from playing online in multiplayer. Yet the online coop campaign works just fine. If there’s no way around it then I guess I should just move on

Sounds wierd.
Do you use a mic or headset?
Try to start a game without it connected.

Also the Internet provider might still not added it too allowed games

@tc_sera Help

Message me your ticket # please, I’ll see what we can track down.