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Does anybody else have really high pings on the west coast servers?

So I live in the bay area of northern california. I just wanted to know if there alot of people with really high pings on the west coast? And are alot of you only playing with just stacks of Mexicans on both teams? I just don’t understand why it shows I should have a 15 ping but my ping will be so dang high once I get into a game. Plus it’s just all Mexicans with really high pings shooting me around corners etc… etc… I don’t understand why I pay so much money to have good internet and it works great on every other game I play. But not on gears5. All of my friends also have really high pings here on the west coast. I understand that this game is completely broken and has alot of this that need fixing. At the end of the day we all want this game to succeed because it can be fun at times. I just don’t understand why we only play with Mexicans with really high pings. I even went a bought a good ethernet cord so I would not have to play over wifi. Please don’t bash me for this post as it is just some questions I have.

Mexicans connect to North American servers because they dont have any in Mexico. Also you should only have a 15ms ping when connecting to US West servers, If your ping is higher then you are connecting to other servers. If you look under Settings > Matchmaking you should see what your ping will be when connecting to other servers

You wont connect to US West ever game you play

Thank you for your answer. But honestly I never ever get in a west us server. My ping is always high so that means I’m always connecting to a completely different server then I should be right? And since there are no servers in Mexico that pretty much means they force us to play with people from a totally different country with horrible internet and high pings for the most part? I’m just pissed cus u just want to be able to play this game and enjoy it. Lol.

Like I said look under match making in the settings and you can see what servers you are connecting to by your ping.

The only way Mexico is getting their own servers is if Microsoft decides to put one there.