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Does any one else try to disguise them selves as the other team in gaurdian?


(telekinetix) #1

It seems to actually work pretty well for me,
The goc seem to have a great deal of more characters to use for this, i find the best results using mihn, the corpse geat seems to work really well too, tho his eyes are blue where as the zombies i think all of them have red eyes and mihn is balled and is covered in the most blood, black steal sam seem to work pretty well except she has blue lights all over her , with griffen theres no lights and his out fit looks locust from a distance, the key isnt in the chatchters tho, the key is the weapons you choose, swarm pod for gears and blue trooper fir locust, with locust characters i find the best results with savage locust grenaier elite, has no red lights and his face is almost completely covered, black steal mirrah works pretty good but not as good as much, tgere is also the saveg locust grenadier very little red on him at all, this tactic has actually paid off for me ive been in situations where im in a group of 3 enemies in cover with my back turned to them and they just think im one of them its usually the vioce of my charachter thst gives me away so gotta stay calm around the enemy

(GB6 Kazuya) #2

No. The large bright blue/red glow from a small distance usually blows my cover.

(telekinetix) #3

The blue usually tells my enemy that im blue not red for me

(Al Bundy 33hero) #4

I used to. I’ve told people here how I would be zombie Kait with swarmpod gun skins and flank to their side, and start shooting at my own teammates so nearby enemies wouldn’t suspect I was an opponent.
It worked many times and I took many sustained beat-downs for my trickery.

At a certain level though, it stops working (higher level players frequently TacCom) and is embarrassing when people can see what you’re trying to do.

Now, I just run whatever skins I like and it makes little difference in Onyx/Diamond Guardian lobbies. If I’m getting to the enemy leader, I’m doing it based on strategy and skill, not illusion.

(OneButtNugget) #5

Usually when I go down, I try to crawl to a pile of corpses and then kill whoever is there once i’m up

(GHO5TS3C) #6

This will not work when playing with high skill players it’s pointless, tac-com, nuff said

(Potato Boy 025) #7

Kind of off topic but…It actually blows my mind how much i use Tac-com after watching one of the matches I played. Maybe I just have ADHA or something but I feel like if I’m not jumping around walls I usually tap tac-com every 3sec for some reason…I guess its helpful to see where my team is but it really feels like me just keeping my fingers busy if the match goes quiet.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #8

I never realized until I played Horde with the fabricator ping turned on. I was hearing it go off about every second or two because of my vs habits. I couldn’t believe how much I was doing it without realizing.

(AliceInChainsaw) #9

I always play zombie Minh in versus as cog. Once in a blue moon the enemy mistakes me for swarm and doesn’t shoot.

Downside is once in a blue moon playing as swarm I make the same mistake.

(telekinetix) #10

I rarely see people using it even in high ranked games i wish they did

(Noodie 5) #11

Lol this only works if the other teams stupid

(telekinetix) #12

There must be a lot of stupid people out there then.


In Gears of War 2 we would always go in as a squad and play as Marcus since he looks most like Hoffman and the Kantus since he looked like Skorge. Sadly in Gears 4 the leaders are gold so you can’t really pull any shenanigans like that anymore.

(GrubKiller101) #14

Never crossed my mind. Don’t really see the need to do so.