Dodging in Ranked Match

In KOTH on European servers, often my team will be waiting upwards of 15 minutes for a match, sometimes reaching an hour because when we do get a game, someone will dashboard before the match starts and load the game back up, they will not be punished and can search again instantly. This happens to us against solo players, 5 mans, i have been dodged whilst solo queueing before because someone recognised my emblem. So we change emblems, people still dodge us, so we change characters, people still dodge us because whn you have someone muted in game the symbol still comes up in the lobby so people know it is us, people watch our profiles. We should not have to change character, emblems and appear offline in order to play a game. The problem of dodging has been horrible for us for 4+ seasons yet the coalition never mention it. How is it still in the game. We should not be waiting upwards of 15 minutes reguarly to get a match. It is frequently the same people as well, these people are ranking up off of avoiding games they know they will lose, which completely devalues the ranking system more than anything else. Especially in the european scene where emblems are recognisable because of the smaller community.

There’s also apparently a way to avoid the quitting ban too.

I came across this person while playing 2 VS 2 Boxes a few weeks ago and we were constantly getting drawn together on the same team. Km not sure why, I think cos I played badly in an earlier game and they thought I was rubbish! Anyway, they were constantly quitting (after we loaded into the game) but minutes later we’d be drawn together again. This went on for a couple of hours (don’t worry, I put a movie on to pass the time).

I had reported this to @TC_Octus but had no response. I’m utterly convinced it was due to this person quitting but somehow avoiding the ban penalty. They were the only constant. There were a few games I managed to play without this person and they went fine (no quitters) so it must have been them.

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I know people who do this. If they don’t like the map they say, “let me dashboard” and then they come back in, no penalty.
Don’t know why TC lets this exploit exist.

I have pleasant news for you, lately some of the servers start the match even though somebody dodge.

There might be some tweaks for Gears servers behind the scenes…

Is it as easy as that? Jeez!

That is annoying as well. What is the point in having so many maps when you just play foundation, relic, checkout and raven down. I like them but if people dodge certain maps it is annoyong because sometimes its nice to play them.

I don’t know why it let’s some people do it and not others. I’ve had numerous pc crashes that didn’t ban me. But, I’ve had times where I get kicked at the map screen, then I’m banned. I also had one intentional quit about a month ago where I was with a group of people who just shot pistols in the air rather than fighting, I finished the match, and it put me in with the same group of people in the next match so I left on the map screen and got a penalty.

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I know on xbox if you leave by pressing b and a it gives you a ban. You have to exit and relaunch gears of war to do it.

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We get people get kicked during map selection and get a ban, people get kicked during map load and get a ban, this system is soooo flawed it’s sad…

As a programmer myself, it BS to say “ohh, we can’t tell the difference between someone quitting and lagging out.” That is true, however, the BS part is you cannot design a system which acts like people DONT get randomly kicked by your servers, and then just go “duhh, we can’t tell”…
Hahahaha, it’s like their ranking system, which assumes teams filled with similar ranks will battle each other, and when the reality of wildly different ranks thrown together is pointed out, they just say “ohh, well… too bad”

or the net code which was written for a LAN game, and breaks down on a WAN…

I see a pattern… everything they do is for the perfect, happy case/path, when everything works flawlessly exactly how they envisioned…
And when it doesnt? “Try rebooting!” It’s Microsoft, after all, right?


To be fair, I always know if it’s a diamond stack on European servers as I don’t always stack and it’s unfair for me to be put against players who stack koth nearly everyday, my suggestion is get an American in your squad so people don’t recognise you because you guys are infamous in koth Eu for playing like it’s the grandfinals at a LAN, a lot of people(including me) cannot be bothered playing that, especially on core tuning


Please take care of this guy Krylon


I would but it’s too easy and it would likely get me suspended from these forums again. :grinning::joy:

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Well, he did come here looking for a fight lol. Probably best to ignore people like that :rofl:

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We do play americans and i play with americans. We dont even sweat every game super hard, we hardly call out. We just happen to be pretty good and organised on KOTH. Call us core warriors or whatever tbh i dont really care. Doesnt mean we should be having 1 hour queue times because people have the ability to avoid someone they know they will lose time. Imagine if a sports team could just say “naaaaa, im not playing them, they will smash us”

exactly, organised because you guys play daily, that’s why people dodge you, although changing your Ebelems should fix that problem, not saying it’s your fault, but making you guys understand from a perspective of someone who does it, if I’m solo or 5 stacked with people I don’t regularly play with or who aren’t that good, it’s easier not to put myself or them through that pain