Dodgeball & Arms Race

Dodgeball & Arms Race were new MP modes introduced in Gears 4 and I thought they were very interesting and fun. Its crazy that they still come up with great game modes like these (how many ways can you change up a team vs team mode) …Either way I find it strange that the Coalition doesn’t make a ranked playlist for both Dodgeball & Arms Race.

Arms race was introduced in Judgment. The player base for these modes arent big enough to have them in ranked. Arms Race was taken out of ranked during Gears 4’s life and Dodgball was taken out for 5.

If anything they need to bring Guardian back to ranked and remove Escalation. We all know Guardian had a higher player count than Escalation anyways

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oh ok, I boycotted Judgement, Wouldn’t play it even when it was given free to me by Microsoft. All the news I read prior to release of it angered me so much (button layout, no dbno etc) firm believer of “if it ain’t broke - don’t fix it”

Anyways cool to know about that tidbit. I agree though Guardian should be brought back like Gears 2 version where you don’t spawn with the leader…

Died a righteous death.

Let them be.

It blows my mind that they took RANKED DODGEBALL out of gears 5.
I know it was a very popular gamemode.
Its all i played in gears 4 aside from escalation.
Im still hoping they bring it back for gears 5

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in ranked we have KOTH, TDM, Gridiron, 2v2, Escalation.

why does Quickmatch have the same modes packed into it again with TDM, KOTH and Gridiron?

it’s redundant and could be a place where old modes like Execution, Guardian, Dodgeball have a permanent home

lol, that won’t ever happy, Escalation is their elite e-sports mode…

I can’t speak for others, but in GoW4 I had a very mild interest in playing a game of Escalation with friends once every, ohhh, 2 months…

In G5, I have zero interest in their escalation… Seems pointlessly convoluted, offering nothing in the way of fun, enjoyment, etc…

Back to the main point: I was a big fan of Dodgeball in GoW4, it was tried with KOTH for my fave game mode…

If they removed TDM (which I find to be a totally mindless mode) and replaced it with dodgeball, maybe that would work, but just adding it, can the player base support it? I donno, I’ve stopped looking at/playing PvP in G5 few months ago…

Yeah dodgeball is fun, I really enjoyed the hyper dodgeball event (which is just dbno set to 1 second). It and arms race can have a permanent mode in quick play. Like ‘arms race + dodgeball’ playlist or something.