Do you want the pre-order characters from Gears Ultimate Edition to be released

Just as the title suggests, would you want the pre-orders characters from Gears of War Ultimate Edition released to the Xbox Store?

This game came out almost 3 years ago and if I recall not every character was available in each region. I’m from the U.S. and I don’t believe the Golden Miner, Savage Drone, etc we’re available as a pre-order bonus.

How do you all feel about this?

Not a whole lot of people play UE you can barley find lobbies for TDM.

I thought the Gold Miner was but you had to buy it from the Microsoft store or something rather

According to a video from sasxsh4dowz YouTube channel ( he was only available in Russia, Australia, and Spain.

I think the Golden Hunter was the one was on the Microsoft store, but only for a short time.

Pretty much should release all preorder characters/ weapon skins after a number of years.

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That usually was the case in previous games. The only other time they didn’t release a pre-order bonus was the Golden Hammerburst for Gears 2. (LE bonuses were never released either)

No. Preorders should remain exclusive.


That’s a fair argument. I feel like they should be exclusive for the characters that were available in each region way back when the game came out. Golden Miner & Savage Drone weren’t available in U.S. so I’d like them to be made available.

Gears 3 had a good balance. They essentially released the pre-order characters to everyone but with different color palettes, so the actual pre-order ones were still unique.


I think these companies need to be more professional with this stuff and declare an exclusivity lifespan when they offer these items. Let’s say 2 years (but it could be whatever) and exclusive items may be offered again. That way, those who are left out have an opportunity and those who desire rare content can have it during the prime of the game.

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i have all the characters there were 7 i think got them for preordering gears 4 in microsoft store. golden miner, hunter, savage drone, adam fenix,superstar cole, civil anya,some one else?

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