Do you want individual character customization?

Hi guys,

straight up question: Would you appreciate the option to create your own COG / Locust for MP and maybe by playing you unlock additional features or are you against it?

Personally, I am divided on it. On the one hand, of course I like some character customization but I fear that some ppl would take it too far and going for pink characters or worse…putting limits on it would certainly be beneficial, but once you open pandoras box there is no going back.

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I’d rather just have two separate faction customisations for COG/Swarm like on Gears of War 4.


I’d love it, but like you said there needs to be limits, I can’t stand a lot of the goofy skins we have already, if they were gonna do store extras or extra characters in a form they should do it by ‘heads’ so everything below the neck and helmets ofc is fully customizable, but characters heads can be changed maybe?

Head options would come with their own dialogue like we have with individual characters…

Might be difficult with with the locust or swarm so maybe limited to armor?

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They should take inspiration from Tactics and let us customise characters like for example Marcus, Baird, Cole etc. and be able to change their armor and the option to wear helmets. Like imagine having a Marcus run around with the OG Onyx Guard armor. Hell you can already do that with Cole in Tactics


Halo Reach (Bungies version) Customisation. Head, Body, Arms, Legs and Accessories, 2 Colours to Customise, maybe 3 at a push.
This would please me greatly. Will it happen… Not a chance. Nice thought though.

I agree, that’s kinda what I was saying, except I’d prefer it if colours were limited to team colours, then perhaps in FFA gamemodes you have the option to go wild…

Im a sucker for customization and would love to make my own gear with a unique armor/face. However that could make campaign characters kinda irrelevant.

Guessing tactics is the way to go as it would balance both. Base characters that you can customize as you wish

Yes I think you should be able to create one character from both teams, but that’s it. I still want to be all the hero’s and villains we’ve come to love. If there was a build your own cog gear like gears tactics I’d be fine with it.

I agree with this one. One type on each team should be more than enough for players to enjoy

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just curious if people are asking for this to come to Gears 5 or just some ask for 2 years down the line when Gears 6 launches?

Gears 6 would be nice. I think 5 doesn’t need a change yet

I wouldn’t mind complete freedome if there was an option to see other players with a corresponding default variant of a skin. But personally what i think would be nice is to be able to assign a diffenrent customization for every COG and swarm character. I would like to use different skins almost every match but it would take just too much time changing each one of them so i end up changing just lancer and gnasher , also from my point of view for some reason i like to use some skins for certain characters because it feels like it suits the better.