Do you want few cash whale or true fans around the world?

This is my personal opinion of the gear of war series senses the coalition took over after epic games.

Sorry for any spelling errors btw.

What drew me to gears 1 was the story of impossible odds of a squad that will fight to the end to try to save there world. The single player story and co-op aspect of the campaign was the key. The multiplayer wasn’t that great in the beginning.

But Epic games in this case kept investing in the story of Gears of war 2 and i spent 2 years and a bit more on the multiplayer. I couldn’t get enough of the singleplayer or the multiplayer.

Gears of war 3 was a really great game with even more flexibility then grears of war 2. Didn’t agree with all the new weapons but even i have to accept that things can change a little bit. I enjoyed the finale of the series very much.

Gears of war 4. I must say that i accepted and like the way that the torch has been past on to the next generation. I liked the story of the resurrection of the Locust to draw you in and invest more time in to the series. The microtransactions wasn’t bothering me that much.

Just so you know i played most game modes such as wingman, TDM, KOTH, Exicution match. Later i started to enjoy horde a bit more.

And that makes my view on Gears of war 4 and Gears 5 a bit limited then it comes to multiplayer.

But here comes my point to The Coalition that decided to make Gears 5. The story is in its core quite good, a twist here and there. The way they build up characters that didn’t have as much attention in the previous game. But why do you water this great story down with all this running around on the skiff? Don’t get wrong it was a great thing in the beginning, But i at least would have liked maybe 1 skiff level and the rest more lenier levels that only follows 1 or 2 paths.

My point is more story.

I have tried some multiplayer but mostly horde is what i enjoy with gears 5 but it feels so grindy like so many other games today that i just have stopped playing. Because i don’t like the idea that making the game grindier so that people have to spend money to make it as fun as it was in the beginning.

Microtransactions is only okay if the the game is free.
But those games allways fade away, its feels like theres no substance behind it, no soul.

Storytelling is something that is remembered throughout history, not a pricetag.