Do you think we need more or less playlist for the next title?

To choose 4-6 maps and 4 modes

That’s what I figured, given that the mode severely lacks long-term replayability and with how it’s been entirely abandoned since Op 5, while 90% of custom hive creators are doing the same “Here’s 1,000 enemies per hive that drop your framerate to an awful level if you don’t have a high end machine, have fun” with little consideration to balance or the actual design/layout.

Anyway, in regards to OP, I would concur that the game should have less Versus playlists instead of more, simply because it becomes unsustainable to keep all those modes populated later in the game’s lifecyle(or not even two years in). It happened with Gears 4 and repeated itself with Gears 5 with TC outright removing certain game modes from the rotation and/or having to change certain achievements relating to playing Versus because of the population issues. So unless they learnt nothing from those two games… 6 will probably have less modes.

I would think they can still try new modes, but that’s also largely dependant on whether there’s enough players around willing to try them.

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