Do you think we need more or less playlist for the next title?

Pretty short and simple thread. Curious what people thought about the idea of more new playlist for Gears 6 or if we just need to keep it simple to please the old heads. I think there should be some new fresh ones with the option of a playlist called “Versus Classic” or something with TDM, Control and whatever else is the most populated playlist.

Kind of hard to say since we don’t have player count lol.

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I like the idea you have of “Versus Classic” for quickplay.

Have Ranked be an actual Ranked mode how it used to be. For Ranked in the next game they should rotate modes every “season” or however they want to have the game. Every Season they have 4 or 5 Ranked modes but a few of them get rotated out when a new season comes out so that every season doesn’t have 8 or 9 gamemodes for the Ranked Mode. This will ensure every season will have fresh gamemodes. I also have a Hot Take : TDM shouldn’t be a Ranked Mode at all.


Even hotter take.

Remove TDM from gears.


Whoa. I like that idea.

They’d have to keep OSOK in the TDM format though.

I dont

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I worded that poorly. I meant i liked your idea. Lol

Oh I’m glad lol.

Yeah OSOK should stay the same with TDM rules. It works better that way.

Wasn’t gears 4 like this or something? I could be wrong. Also TDM has always been kind of awkward to me and I never liked it as a comp mode because how people played it. One time I played a TDM exhibit where both teams were just camping top and I typed “zzz” in chat and got replied “thats how TDM is, don’t like it play something else”

The fact the guy had the time to type all that just goes to show how campy it is.

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I had a TDM match on Mercy last 40 minutes in Gears 4. Needless to say I didn’t play TDM for a while after that.

I dont think Gears 4 rotated out playlists. It may have just added some into it but didn’t take any out.

I’ve never liked TDM in Gears. Guardian/Assassination all the way.

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Oooh, unpopular opinion: I thoroughly enjoy TDM.

Of course I preferred it 100x more back on Gears 3, I always keep this little gem around:

Such a superior PvP experience. Gears 5 is just so tedious, it just never delivered that same satisfaction.
Gears of War 4 was great though in it’s final form when it worked connection-wise. Such a pity. Here’s hoping they learn like 343 did.

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Well yes, no? I guess this is the kind of thing to which the concept of “the more the better” applies well, at least if they are done with good will, many modes are discarded between games for not being played as much but, there will always be a more played mode and a less played one right?, so, at least I would like them not to stay only with the most played modes and experiment with new modes, or give a second chance to old modes (CTL, Master at Arms, Wingman, Breakthrough, etc)

one in special that I would hope they would not abandon is arcade, it was a mode that although it was not something that could be competitive or something like that, it was very frenetic and fun, something that sometimes we forget that, supposedly, is the objective when play, It is not likely that our desire to see all the old modes that were interesting return will be fulfilled, but as long as they do not forget modes that were not the hit they expected, such as arcade or escape, I am satisfied

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At this point, it needs less.

It’s pretty clear that no one plays Escaltion, Execution despite the outcries, CTF, and Gridiron when that was a thing.

Just have FFA, TDM, KOTH, 2V2, Guardian, and one other new PVP mode. Sometimes, less is more.

This isn’t even talking about how there’s 9 different matchmaking modes for Escape and Horde respectively.

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Even better idea is remove PVP entirely and leave it to games with fun, innovative PVP like every other franchise that has done it better. Focus on the core of Gears, which is the story (5%) and horde (95%), or mix it up and bring back Beast Mode or something like that. But time wasted on PVP is time that could be spent on something useful.

The core of Gears has always been PvP up until Gears 5 pretty much.


In customs, I’m fine with every mode and variant being available.

In matchmaking? Hell no. No more than 2-4 per modes each in social and ranked. I don’t see the purpose in keeping dead matchmaking playlists around.

That’s a contentious subject in the case of Gears 3. The PVE stayed relevant a lot longer than versus, and it definitely encompassed more of the game as far as content is concerned.


Horde is not the core of gears :joy::joy::joy: its apart of gears but definitely not the core. Versus holds that title.


Escape>>> beast mode tbh

Beast mode is such an overrated game mode.



And have we ever seen actual total player numbers to compare both modes in the post-Epic Gears era?

I’m not saying it doesn’t have its place, but without solid numbers I wouldn’t be throwing out claims as to whether one is currently more popular than the other. Of course, the PvP is partly what made Gears popular in the first place… but I’m wondering how it stands up in terms of population numbers to Horde/PvE right now. Not that TC would ever release those numbers to the public.

I edited my post. I realised how stupid it sounded.

It’s not a surefire way to know for certain, but looking at custom matches, it goes Horde>Versus>Escape. Pretty big gaps between each as well.

I would assume versus has the most public matchmaking of the 3, skewing the numbers. Escape I would imagine has the least public matchmaking, making its dead-last place even more significant.