Do you think we’ll get classic Alicia Valera?

hi everyone, hope your doing good today. as you can tell in the op8 drop 2 trailer, Alicia Valera looked quiet different from when we saw her about 10 years ago in Gears Of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow. she looks like this in gears 5

I was wondering if we’d get a featured store or a TOD with her classic version in it, as i and many others probably enjoyed that style more, i really hope we get it.
Gears Of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow, Alicia Valera:

Keep in mind we’re on a completely different engine version with more advanced graphics when saying this.


yeah, true :frowning:

She way to thicc, kait will have 0 attention after it :wink:

We’re finally getting an updated version of her, and given that TC are really good are redesigning/ updating

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Her face model in G3 was way too smooth and plastic at times, she honestly looked like a weird doll. Im digging her new face but think i prefer her old hair.

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And what’s the difference exactly? Slightly messier hair? I don’t think I’d like to see the community reaction if a weekly skin slot was taken up by what is barely a head swap.

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She honestly looks better with messier hair. Anya had that same treatment too and I still think she looks better.

Kait has like 12 Skins
Big doubt

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They are practically the same. I rather TC create a different variant so Civvie Alicia or a Hivebuster skin rather than have two skins with only a different hairstyle to seperate them.


You can see she differs a bit, but that is just inevitable after so many years. It’s the same story for Barrick: from the trailer you can notice differences between the original one and the new one.
Honestly I don’t care, I’m glad they’re in, more detailed than ever before. Probably much better looking, but we’ll have to judge that next Tuesday. I’m more concerned that because it’s the end of the road, if there’s something off like voice lines TC will not fix it.

I think I’ll hold judgement until the actual drop, but right off the bat I can say I do prefer the straighter hair lol.
I’m sure she looks great in-game, though.

Like Ashen said, maybe they can make a Civilian Valera or Recruit Valera or something where her hair’s straightened.
Idk. It’s not like a massive deal, though, I suppose.

I dunno, something about Anya’s looks really weird to me. Maybe it’s the way it parts? Or the hair physics? Or the darker color?
Idk, it just looks off. Like a wig or something lmao.

First Minister Anya, on the other hand? That hair looks beautiful lol.
I really like Civilian Anya’s hairstyle as well.

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How about the real classic Valera?

Her old onyx helmet reminds me of the fallout enclave armor :sunglasses:

It kinda does. yeah