Do you think they'll release another anniversary pack this year?

Title says all. Last years pack was okay. Gilded baird looks nice. Maybe we could get another gilded character.

Going by character popularity of COGs and Swarm it would maybe be Lizzie and Locust Drone or Grenadier
But since this is reality we’d probably get Gilded Del.

I don’t even use my Gilded, something different would be nice. Also I think those characters were promotional for Gears 5 so it might be awhile.


I think gilded Anthony/Ben/Clay/Gary would be cool too. So were all 4 characters from the original pack promos? As in all of them? I know Marcus was from GPU but I have no idea about the others.

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I was under the impression that they were all earnable via task. The ones I have are Marcus, Kait, Scion and RAAM. I always assumed I just missed Baird/JDs challenges.

This would be cool but don’t say Gary too loud, you’ll wake up the angry mob.

Year 1 Delta something and Anniversary pack were something different.

Anniversary had V Day sam , Collector Sraak and some more trash.

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Oh my bad. What was Year 1 delta for?

That bundle was all content that was previously released for coins in the store/tour.

I don’t think they’re gonna do more Gilded characters as I don’t see them be too popular, but this is TC so anything is possible.

I would want a Heroic skin for Lizzie but that is not likely to make an appearance for an anniversary event as it would be available permanently once released. If one comes.

Oh I thought they were all some sort of promo like Marcus

Heroic Bald JD?

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The last anniversary pack was decent, I didnt care for Shrek but Kim and Sam were the selling points for me.

A new anniversary pack that included V-Day Delta would be most appreciated. Especially since TC can rest easy without me bugging them to bring back gears 3 dom.

10 years since the sublime and unrivalled Gears 3 came out. This auspicious occasion should be marked. :wink::+1:


Probably but I wouldn’t expect much from it, the last one wasn’t very good and the one before was even worse.

I thought there was only 1 aniiversary so far?

does the second anniversary fall within the OP8 timeframe?

Idk when the anniversary even is

sept 6 2019

so it falls within the span of OP8 and they probably have content for it.

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Oh nice 1 week from now.

Gears 5 released September and drop 2 comes around the same time. So def falls within Op 8.

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Hype! I hope they go out with a bang and not a wet fart!