Do you think they'll go into depths with Loomis

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I know judgement wasn’t a popular game but you can’t deny the badassness of Loomis
Judging by his armour he’s onyx level. And you can’t ignore that he took a boomers head off with a single Bolton round…that’s just awesome.

Would be cool if there was more on him.

Pretty sure he died at Halvo Bay a few weeks after the events of Judgement, don’t know how much more in depth they can go unfortunately.

He was killed in the Museum of Military Glory when he and his men were cornered by the Locust and burned to death with Scorchers. Loomis’ COG Tag was later recovered by Lt.Damon Baird of Kilo Squad.

Google exists, you know.

That was a different Loomis.

Several weeks later, Loomis made a last stand in Halvo Bay near the Regency Hotel, but his forces were eventually overwhelmed and eradicated, with Loomis dying along with them.

THEY’RE ■■■■■■■ DEAD!

Okay he’s dead. Understood.
I could of googled but I’d rather chat in a chat room.

Still I’d like more on his position.he was a cool character!

Yeah I acknowledged that already, just saying it was a different Loomis that was scorched in the museum.

His voice actor voices sid in Tactics I think. Would be dope yet confusing if Loomis and Sid made it into 5

Sid and Loomis really don’t sound very similar to me. But maybe that’s just me…

Re the OP, what could they really still do with Loomis? To me he really seemed like a bit of a…(fill this blank), and not really very concerned for the safety of his troops or really aware that maybe if Locust are about to get to your position he could hold that damn trial later. Even the Onyx Guard Captain thought it was madness to continue with the trial and to attempt to hold the position. Slapping Baird, because he attempted to kill a Locust General who was causing all sorts of havoc with a Lightmass Missile, even if Baird had disrespected orders from a commanding officer to not launch the missile. More concerned about following orders and whatnot than to realize that maybe you should not spare expenses at stopping a Locust whose army wrecked the remainder of the UIR(or at least the Gorasni) and was royally giving it to the COG in Halvo Bay.

Honestly, I really don’t see how much they could to with him there or before then.

Both Loomis and Sid share the same voice actor Bruce Thomas. That being said Loomis is still pretty badass. Where Hoffman was for the people Loomis was for the COG, I think it’s a neat dynamic.

Besides I don’t think hoffman is going to be a returning character since his voice actor retired

I loved how they used Loomis to showcase the brutality of the COG. Judgments campaign is highly underrated. Gears Tactics gives off these vibes too, but Gears 5’s new COG is so damn soft now… Jinn is a weak leader in comparison to Loomis and Prescott. Idk how many times we’ve purposely gone behind Jinns back and disobeyed orders. Back in the day they would’ve Court-martialed you and throw you in The Slab, or execute you. The old COG was ruthless and badass.

Damn that sucks that he retired. Iconic character. It was hinted that Hoffman would have an important role going forward at the end of the book Bloodlines which tied into Gears Tactics.

Ugh I gotta read that book to be honest. I haven’t been able to lately. But yeah it does suck I’m gonna miss having Hoffman around but with him gone and Bruce Thomas still available Loomis would be a good placeholder, he’s just as cool imo

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Pretty good book. I think it’s better than Ascendance

Haven’t read the newest book.

But yeah , There’s an aura about Loomis that says more villian then hero,
And judging by gears 5 insight to the cogs shady side.
It would be cool if Loomis had a foot in it.

Tbf Loomis was a cool character. They could always do something retrospective with him, some kind of prequel thing. Always made me chuckle that he was supposed to look like a bad guy for court marshalling Baird and co when they literally ignored orders and ran off to launch a wmd and it didnt even kill the guy they were aiming for :joy: no wonder Baird got demoted.